State Employee Ethical Obligations

Selected State Statutes

Note: This list is provided for the information and convenience of Minnesota State employees. It is not intended to be a complete list of all state statutes that must be complied with by Minnesota State employees.

Table of Contents

Minnesota Statutes Section

10.47 Misuse of State Telephone Service

13.09 Minnesota Government Data Practices Act - Penalties

211B.09 Prohibited Public Employee Activities

211B.19 Penalties For Violation

Conflicts of Interest:

  • 15.054 Public employees not to purchase merchandise from governmental agencies; exceptions; penalty.
  • 15.43 Acceptance of advantage by state employee; penalty.
  • 15.435 Airline Travel Credit.
  • 16A.138 Officials not to exceed appropriation.
  • 16A.139 Misappropriation of money.
  • 43A.32 Political activities.

  State Employee Code of Ethics:

  • 43A.38 Code of ethics for employees in the executive branch; use of state economic resources.
  • 43A.39 Compliance with law.

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