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Resources for MnSCU Employees

The following resources have been organized for system office employees.

College and University Websites
Locate and visit MnSCU institution websites using our statewide campus map.

System office staff, Board of Trustees, college and university presidents, Minnesota State Legislature and system affiliates directories.

Divisions and Offices
A list of MnSCU business division and office websites.

Emergency plans and procedures (system office, St. Paul)
An overview of plans and procedures for emergency evacuation, tornado and severe weather, fire, medical emergencies, elevator emergencies, harassment/threatening phone calls and bomb threats.

Time and Leave Reporting
Employee and faculty access to the MnSCU eTimesheet application. This is a password protected website.

Help desks

  • ISRS/ITS help desk
    Contact information and a self-help FAQ to assist with enterprise application issues.
  • LAN/Desktop support
    Contact information and online request forms for employees with network, computer and technology-related issues.
  • Web support
    System office Web development, Web content management, MnSCU CollegeSearch and Microsoft SharePoint.

Human Resources
Links to the MnSCU systemwide human resources division Web site for all statewide MnSCU faculty and staff.

Human Resources (system office)
Links to the the MnSCU system office employees Human Resources website.

Information Technology Services
The Information Technology Services Division provides technological support for achieving success in learning enterprises and system and campus services.

Job opportunities
A systemwide job search tool that lists available faculty and staff positions within the system.

Minnesota Management & Budget
This State of Minnesota site includes financial, human information and analytical resources for the state including employee pay and benefits, agency services and statewide systems.

MnSCU Connect (StarID and password required)
Enterprise SharePoint for MnSCU Employees and guests. StarID and password required for access. For technical assistance and general questions, please submit a request to the system office web team.

MnSCU System Websites
List of all MnSCU System Office websites.

Publishing and Public Relations Resources
System logos, identity standards, publication style guide and contact information for publications and graphic design services.

Public ListServs
A complete listing of the ListServs offered through the system office ITS division.

SharePoint Training for MnSCU Connect Users (MnSCU StarID and password required)
Visit the MnSCU Connect Training site for the training guides and SharePoint training information from the System Office Web team.

System Office (MnSCU StarID and password required)
The MnSCU System Office SharePoint site on MnSCU Connect provides information and support for system office business areas and staff, including reception information, emergency plans and procedures information, mail services, supplies, deliveries, office equipment maintenance, record storage, facilities and meeting services, and transportation services. This resource is located on MnSCU Connect (SharePoint) and requires a MnSCU StarID and password.

STARS: Systemwide Training & Registration
Make STARS your first stop for professional development. You can search this registration site for workshops, courses, and conferences. You can search for development opportunities at your college or university or you can search all campuses for offerings that are available to staff systemwide.

State of Minnesota
Minnesota Northstar: The official Web site for the State of Minnesota.

State employee self-services
The State employee self-service Web site features timesheet, payroll, contact, and benefit information for State of Minnesota employees. This is a password protected Web site.

Tuition Waivers
Access to the MnSCU tuition waiver application. Password protected website.