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Sheryl McRoberts

Normandale Community College

Japanese Gardens at Normandale Community College

Japanese Gardens IV (2011), pen/ink, 22” x 30”, 30” x 38” (framed)

Abitibi on Rainy River

Abitibi on Rainy River VIII (2011), pen/ink, 22” x 30”, 30” x 38” (framed)

Artist Statement

The present series of drawings began as landscape studies. Pure landscape, however, rarely exists. My focus soon shifts to human artifact nested in the natural world. the most recent drawings deal with man's use of nature for survival or economic development. The focus is a paper mill in Northern Minnesota, built on Rainy River by Boise Cascade (American side) and Abitibi (Canadian side) and the Normandale Community College Japanese Gardens.

The more I drew, the more the natural characteristics came forward in the cascade of buildings and the way pipes and shafts unified the elements of the structures. Although there is no human presence in the works, I see the final drawings function as portraits of humanity expressed in a time and place.

Additional works on display:

All illustrations on display were created with pen/ink and are 22”x 30” (original size) and 30” x 38” (framed)

Japanese Gardens I (2011)