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Jack Mader

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

abstract digital photo of ice

Ice Man #9, 12/23/12, 20" x 24", Photography,
HDR Imaging Archival Pigment Print

Artist Statement

As is often the case with photographers, our vocation is our avocation. I stress this to my students and constantly remind them that if they are not passionate about their craft, art and profession they will not succeed in the Media Arts career field. As a 27-year veteran of teaching post secondary photography I strive to practice what I preach and hope to serve as a role model for being a passionate photographer. I encourage students to develop projects and series of work through observing their world and to be consistently aware of their visual experience.

Ice Man, 2012: is a series of 21 HDR imaging photographs of ice abstractions captured 12/23/12 on Wirth Lake in Minneapolis. I love to photograph ice! I was surprised that the lake was so smooth and free of snow. Once again, I used HDR imaging as I wanted to capture the wide tonal range of the ice surface and capture the depth of pattern stratified below the surface as well. To that end I feel successful. However, when these images work best they conjure up mystery, views from the vastness of space and galaxies far away, or perhaps, even an intimate view of our immediate world through a microscope.

abstract digital photo of ice

Ice Man #10, 12/23/12, 20" x 24", Photography,
HDR Imaging Archival Pigment Print

So Enso: is an ongoing series of photographs inspired by the Zen art of Enso painting. An Enso artist steps up to the canvas and paints a circle in one movement and one breath. They will often write a verse to go along with the painting. Common themes of the Enso circle are “all and nothing”, “nothing in excess and nothing lacking”. I don’t go around looking for Enso’s to photograph. They present themselves to me and I react. Much like a traditional Enso artist, if I am not “in the groove” my attempt to capture an Enso will not be successful. Hence, So Enso is an ongoing series, with the “keepers” being fewer and further between than I would like them to be. The image submitted here, Enso #3 was accepted into the 2012 Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Competition.

Additional works on display:

Enso #3, 4/16/11, 20" x 24", Photography, Archival Pigment Print