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Paul Lampland

Dakota County Technical College


Untitled #2 (2/18/12), digital inkjet print
matted/framed with white borders, 20" x 26"

Artist Statement

Having been lucky enough to be born with vision, and a father who loved photography, my first start in photography used a 110 instamatic camera. Then quickly advanced by using my father’s 35mm Honeywell Pentax, primarily shooting Black and White nature photography. At Saint Paul Open School, where I attended High School, we had a darkroom, and teachers that encouraged enrollment, for the first group of students to attend a learning center called, Film in the Cities, in the Rossmor Building, Saint Paul.

Later, I continued studies in the CLA, Studio Arts / University of Minnesota, taking non-silver processes and at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, advanced photography. I dispersed equipment from lock-up, to students at both colleges. Later on, I gave back by teaching Beginning Photography for Adult Education. While studying printing at Century College, I took studio lighting, and large format cameras instruction. The switch to digital cameras was in 2001.

I am currently attending Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota, taking coursework in photography, while earning three concurrent A.A.S. degrees for Web/Multimedia, Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing. All of the images featured in this year's display were captured digitally using a Canon DSLR with a variety of lenses. In some cases a tripod is used. All images utilize natural lighting. After digital capture, some images have been enhanced through the use of Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop. Corrections to the photos include cropping, exposure adjustments and color corrections. Images are shot as closely to the correct settings as possible, to avoid the need of extensive manipulation, and are printed at DCTC on inkjet printers. In no circumstances are images compounded to create what would be considered to be a montage.

Rock formation with snow on ground

Untitled #6 (2/17/12), digital inkjet print
matted/framed with white borders, 20" x 26"

I prefer to record the real world. Viewing the natural world can be awe inspiring as well as intimate. In all cases, creating photographs is, for me, a process of juggling shapes, colors, and textures. I choose to compose images that compel the viewer to stare, examine, and to roll over the forms with their eyes - in, out, around. By doing this, I have allowed the viewers of my photographs to have that same intimacy with the subject as I have. Each image has it’s own emotion, developed by composition and lighting, but always subjective to the particular viewers experience.

Additional works on display:
All images are 20" x 26" digital inkjet prints matted/framed with white borders.

Untitled #4 (2/18/12)