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Becky Alsop

Associate Dean
Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical
Red Wing

The Wall

The Wall (2010), photo on photo print paper, 11" x 14"

Artist Statement

I have no professional training in art or photography. I believe in the college philosophy of being well rounded, and I am a confluent learner - one who learns through experience, including conversation about and reflection on art. I believe one should feed one's mind, body, and soul to achieve balance; therefore, I seek opportunities to take photos when I can. It slows me down, steadies my eye and my hand, and clears my mind. When I have that balance I can return to work - previously as mother, wife, and faculty - and currently as mother, wife, and associate dean.

I also share photography with my husband, my young son, my sister, and my mother. It keeps me connected to these family members in different ways. We see things differently; we enjoy different hobbies, so we photograph things in different ways. But it's all an art and requires many of the same skills, so it's something we can always discuss outside of more controversial or trivial topics. So my artist statement is that I enjoy my hobby as an artist; it brings me a sense of calm, and I hope it will to others, too.