Technical Skill Attainment: The Minnesota CTE Assessment Project


In 2009, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) launched a collaborative pilot project focused on assessment of technical skills in Minnesota's Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offered in colleges and high schools organized in 26 local consortia.

The purpose of the project is to develop an assessment system between 2009 and 2013 that will provide teachers, administrators and policymakers with accurate and useful information about student technical skill achievement. This assessment system will provide information that is useful for improving program quality, creating strong connections between high school and college programs, and communicating to employers and policymakers the value of career and technical skill programs of study in preparing students for college and work readiness. Read the background report here.

Resources for Administrators

Technical Skill Assessment Handbook
A handbook for teachers, faculty, administrators and consortium leaders that provides basic guidance and resources for the implementation of technical skill assessments within secondary and postsecondary career technical education programs.

Approved Assessments for each Career Pathway
Each document contains a list of state approved assessments, core competencies and the assessment blueprint. If you notice a broken link, missing information, etc. please notify Jared Reise at 651-201-1711 or

Agribusiness (1.25 MB .pdf)
Animal Systems (1.5 MB .pdf)
Environmental Service Systems (731 KB .pdf)
Food Products & Processing Systems(1 MB .pdf)
Natural Resources (794 KB .pdf)
Plant Systems (1.6 MB .pdf)
Power, Structural, and Technical Systems (1 MB .pdf)

Audio/Video Technology and Film (1.07 MB .pdf)
Information Support and Services (1.25 MB .pdf)
Network Systems (1.03 MB .pdf)
Printing Technology (539 KB .pdf)
Programming and Software Development (933 KB .pdf)
Visual Arts (483 KB .pdf)
Web and Digital Communications (951 KB .pdf)

Accounting (645 KB .pdf)
Administrative Support (935 KB .pdf)
Banking Services (906 KB .pdf)
Business Finance (937 KB .pdf)
Business Information Management (1.04 MB .pdf)
General Management (1.05 MB .pdf)
Lodging (994 KB .pdf)
Recreation, Amusements, and Attractions (721 KB .pdf)
Travel and Tourism (997 KB .pdf)
Human Resources Management (1.28 MB .pdf)
Insurance (898 KB .pdf)
Marketing Communications (646 KB .pdf)
Marketing Management (1.3 MB .pdf)
Merchandising (1.28 MB .pdf)
Professional Sales (1.29 MB .pdf)
Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services (842 KB .pdf)
Securities & Investments (902 KB .pdf)

Construction (985 KB .pdf)
Design/Pre-construction (1 MB .pdf)
Engineering and Technology (661 KB .pdf)
Engineering and Technology: Mechanical Design/Drafting (936 KB .pdf)
Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance (1.14 MB .pdf)
Maintenance, Installation & Repair (1 MB .pdf)
Maintenance & Operations (1 MB .pdf)
Manufacturing Production Process Development (1.3 MB .pdf)
Manufacturing Production Process Development: Mechanical Design/Drafting(936 KB .pdf)
Production (1.3 MB .pdf)
Science & Mathematics: Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources (AFNR) Biotechnology Systems (1.05 MB .pdf)
Science & Mathematics: Biotechology Research & Development (1.14 MB .pdf)
Transportation Operations (647 KB .pdf)

Biotechnology Research & Development (1.2 MB .pdf)
Diagnostic Services (1.2 MB .pdf)
Health Informatics (899 KB .pdf)
Support Services (663 KB .pdf)
Therapeutic Services (682 KB .pdf)

Consumer Services (858 KB .pdf)
Correction Services (990 KB .pdf)
Counseling and Mental Health Services 
Early Childhood Development and Services + Teaching/Training (Birth to Grade 3) (563 KB .pdf)
Emergency and Fire Management Services (637 KB .pdf)
Family and Community Services
Law Enforcement Services (687 KB .pdf)
Legal Services- Legal Administrative Assistant (865 KB .pdf)
Legal Services- Paralegal (354 KB .pdf)
Personal Care Services (678 KB .pdf)
Teaching and Training (600 KB .pdf)

Foundation Knowledge and Skills (654 KB .pdf)

FY10 List of State-Approved Technical Skill Assessments
(Updated November 2013)

FY11 List of State-Approved Technical Skill Assessments
(Updated November 2013)

FY12 List of State-Approved Technical Skill Assessments
(Updated August 2012)

FY13 List of State-Approved Technical Skill Assessments
(Updated August 2013)

FY14 List of State-Approved Technical Skill Assessments
(Updated August 2014)

Technical Skill Attainment under the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006
A powerpoint presentation for teachers and faculty by Dan Smith(Updated August 2012)

Building a CTE Assessment System for Student Results and Program Improvement
by Hans Meeder

The State of Career Pathways in Minnesota, Programs of Study Technical Skill Attainment
by Dan Smith and JoAnn Simser

Background Report (December 2009)

What's New?