This page contains most of the forms, templates, and documents which relate to the procurement process for Minnesota State colleges and universities.

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Form #

Form Name

Form Descriptions

Date Last Updated

1. 16A.15 2014
2. Contract Cover Sheet System Office Staff Only 11/25/2014
3. Contract Grants
4. Contract for Guest Lecturer/Presenter Agreement Tranaction amount: below $3,000
This form is used to compensate guest speakers, including expense reimbursement. If amount is over $3,000, you must complete the Professional/Technical contract.
5. Contract for Hotel Agreement This form is used to work with hotels in reserving space or utilizing hotel space 3/2015
6. Contract for Professional/Technical Services

Agreement amounts: up to $100,000, OVER $50,000 RFPs, and Under 5 years.
This form is for transactions in compensation for consultant, professional, or technical services for a short-term basis. (Procedure 5.14.2).

7. Contract for Professional/Technical Services - AMENDMENT Professional/Technical Services Amendment 4/2015
8. Contract Services
9. Department Head Expenses
10. Expense Reimbursement Commissioner's Plan 1/1/2017
11. Facilities Use Agreement OFF campus only 6/2014
12. Facilities Use Agreement ON campus only 12/2015
13. Facilities Use Agreement Minnesota State State Agency on Campus Only 12/2015
14. Facilities Use Agreement Minnesota State University of Minnesota on Minnesota State Campus Only 12/2012
15. Facilities Use Agreement Multi-facilities On Campus Only
16. Facilities Use Agreement Campus-to-Campus less than 1 year
17. Gift and Grant Acceptance Reporting
18. Income Contract 5/2015
19. Income Contract Customized Training 5/18/2016
20. Inter-Agency Agreement 11/2015
21. Intra-Agency Agreement 11/2015
22. Intra-Agency Agreement For sharing employees across institutions
23. Joint Powers Agreement 10/2015
24. Lease Agreement Campus-to-Campus 12/2012
25. Lease Agreement Minnesota State as Landlord 12/2012
26. Lease Agreement Minnesota State as Tenant with Leasehold Improvements 12/2012
27. Lease Agreement Minnesota State as Tenant without Leasehold Improvements 12/2012
28. Lease Transfer of Ownership
29. Maintenance/Service Master Contract 2/23/2015
30. Memorandum of Agreement Medical Laboratory Technician and Phlebotomy Programs 1/2016
31. Nursing Program - Addendum
Additional Provision
32. Nursing Program Memorandum of Agreement 3/2015
33. Nursing Program Notices
34. Paramedic Programs Memorandum of Agreement 12/2014
35. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Amendment Template Guidance instruction
36. Single Source Exception Documentation for single source exception reasons and certification. Signed form must be attached to the request for vice chancellor approval for single source contract or purchase.
37. Student Training Experience Internship Agreement Not for Allied Health Programs 9/2014
38. Request for Proposal Template If the response to the RFP is, or could be, in excess of $100,000 the vendor must complete the Affirmative Action Certification form.
39. Request for Bid Template If the response to the /RFB is, or could be, in excess of $100,000 the vendor must complete the Affirmative Action Certification form.
40. Minnesota Certificate of Exemption Form ST3 Minnesota Sales and Use Tax
41. Vice Chancellor Approval Request Form Request for Vice Chancellor Approval of Contracts & purchases over $100,000