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Online education demo courses

Learn to navigate online course rooms made in the D2L Brightspace technology with the following two mini-courses:

  • Chocolate! D2L Mini-Course: Once inside the Chocolate! course, click on what interests you, read about the topic, post some comments, and try taking a no-risk test. [Thanks to Mesabi Range College for sharing their Virtual Chocolate and helping online learners throughout Minnesota sample a mini-course.]
  • How Do I Learn? Online Course Demonstration: This mini-course will help you find your learning style while teaching you some basic online course functions by guiding you through the following:
    • Using a syllabus and finding course information
    • Exploring learning styles
    • Using a discussion board and posting responses
    • Trying an online quiz
    • Providing feedback using an online survey

You can access these courses by following these simple directions.

  • Username: Chocolate
  • Password: Chocolate

(Note: Both the username and password are case-sensitive)

Under "My Courses" you will find the two different sample courses.