Steps to success: Make a plan

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Step 1. Review your options - You may want to complete the degree you started or you may want to explore something new. There are many degree programs available at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the University of Minnesota. Research some of the options or check with individual schools you are interested in. Additionally, you can review a list of bachelor's degree programs geared for students who have already earned 90+ credits.

Step 2. Speak to an online advisor - Our advisors are here to help you review your options and help select the one that is a good fit for your career and education goals. To prepare for your conversation with an advisor: gather your transcripts, military records (if any), and list of non-traditional learning that could be used in a program that recognizes credit for prior learning. This will help you examine your accomplishments and assist you in choosing a degree program that is the best match for your experience and goals.

Step 3. Apply for admission - You will need to follow the application (or re-application) process for the college or university you plan to attend. Follow the instructions on the website for the school you want to apply to or you can contact one of our advisors for help.

Step 4. Finalize your degree program selection - Work with the staff at the school of your choice to finalize the selection of your degree program and to map out which classes you need.

Step 5. Take classes and complete your degree.

Step 6. Graduate!