Foundation Leadership

Management of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Foundation is vested in its Board of Directors who provide oversight for the Foundation's efforts. The board is comprised of distinguished women and men who are committed to the mission, vision, and guiding principles of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the MnSCU Foundation.

Foundation Board Members

Don Supalla, Chair
Executive Director, Greater Rochester Advocates for Universities and Colleges (GRAUC) and former President of Rochester Community and Technical College

Christine Rice, Vice Chair
Former Trustee of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System

Scott Thiss, Treasurer
Former Trustee of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universitiies System

Joyce Petsch, Secretary
MnSCU Foundation support staff

Elsbeth Howe
Executive Director of the Minnesota State University Student Association

Justin Klander
Executive Director of the Minnesota State College Student Association

Ex Officio, Non Voting, Liaisons

Carmen Shields
Director of Marketing and Developmentat at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Andrea Steen
Public Relations Associate at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Emeriti Board Members

Mr. John R. Schweers
Mr. Richard Niemiec
Ms. Nancy McMorran
Mr. Richard Brainerd
Mr. David Fisher
Mr. Norb J. Harrington
Mr. Travis Johnson
Mr. Steve Kelley
Ms. Jennifer Weil
Ms. Sally Jo Baumgartner, St. Cloud, MN
Judge John W. Borg, St. Paul, MN
Mr. Andy W. Boss, St. Anthony Park Bank
Mr. Greg Cattoor, Marshall, MN
Ms. Mary P. Choate, Minnetonka, MN
Mr. Daniel G. Coborn, St. Cloud, MN
Mr. Corey Elmer, Moorhead, MN
Mr. Don Eng, Denver, CO
Ms. Pat Enz, Red Wing, MN
Mr. Robert O. Erickson, Bloomington, MN
Ms. Sara Farkas, New London, MN
Mrs. Betty Feder, Fargo, ND
Mr. Scott Formo, Minnesota State College Student Association
Mr. Chrisopher Frederick,St. Paul,MN
Dr. Jim Ghostley, Bemidji, MN
Dr. Richard Green, Minneapolis, MN
Mr. Lee Hanson,St. Cloud, MN
Mr. Archie Hill, Iron, MN
Dr. Thomas Horak, White Bear, MN
Mr. Rudy Hunt, St. Paul, MN
Mr. Hal Kimball, Annandale, MN
Mr. Joseph Kingman, St. Paul, MN
Ms. Pauline Knight, Winona, MN
Mr. Allen I. Koenig, Oronoco, MN
Mr. Clint Larson, Andover, MN
Mr. Patrick Leary, Marshall, MN
Mr. James H. MacNeil, Coleraine, MN
Mr. Eugene Merriam, Coon Rapids, MN
Ms. Charlotte Mitau–Price, Minnetonka, MN
Dr. Roger Moe, Past Minnesota State Senator and Senate Majority Leader
Mr. Gerald L. Olson, Deephaven, MN
Mr. Eric L. Opsal, Mankato, MN
Mr. Justin Pahl, St. Paul, MN
Ms. Elizabeth Pegues–Smart, Port Lucia, FL
Mr. James T. Porter, Minneapolis, MN
Mr. Robert Roel, Detroit Lakes, MN
Mr. Louis K. Romain, Edina, MN
Ms. Kate Rubin, Minnesota High Tech Association
Ms. Linda Sanders, Marshall, MN
Mr. Rodney C. H. Scheel, Fergus Falls, MN
Mr. James F. Sheldon, Apple Valley, MN
Mr. Gerald M. Skogley, Bismarck, ND
Mr. Lyle C. Sorum, Roseville, MN
Ms. Ann C. Stewart, North Mankato, MN
Mr. George Sugden, Mankato, MN
Dr. Mary Thornton Phillips, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Michael Vekich, St. Louis Park, MN
Dr. Joan Volkmuth, St. Cloud, MN
Mr. John Wade, Rochester, MN
Ms. Alice Wick, St. Cloud, MN

Updated: 12/10/13