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Minnesota State University, Mankato



Minnesota State University, Mankato

Program Details

  • Award: Bachelor of Arts
  • Credits: 120
  • Delivery: Land/Campus
  • WIA certified: YES
  • Emphases: N/A

About this Program

Mathematics and statistics in their purest forms are art forms concerned with ideas. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics believes that an undergraduate major should be both an introduction to more advanced study and a survey of the many facets of mathematics and statistics. From the profound insights of Thales to the undecidability of Godel, from the intuitive to the rigorous, from the abstract to the applied, with a solid emphasis on both the discrete and the continuous cases, we encourage all majors to be engaged in a wide range of mathematical and statistical ideas. Unlike many other disciplines, mathematics and statistics are very structured subjects. Consequently, the curriculum consists of sequences of interrelated courses which must be taken in the appropriate order. The courses in mathematics and statistics are organized with the needs of three groups of students in mind: (1)those interested in mathematics or statistics as a major field of study who may be planning more advanced study, preparing to teach or intending to use their skills in business, industry or government; (2) those needing mathematics or statistics primarily as a tool in other disciplines; and (3)those interested in the logical and cultural aspects of mathematics as an element in their general education.

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