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What is college like?

College is a transition. It’s a life experience that helps you grow into an independent person. You learn to manage your time, take responsibility for your own success and discover what you enjoy doing.

Everyone is new and different.

Starting college is an adjustment for everyone. It is a chance to make new friends who probably have many of the same feelings you have. The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities enroll students from numerous racial and ethnic backgrounds, and up to 80 different languages are spoken on the campuses. Many of the campuses also have academic and cultural clubs and activities to help you get used to college and meet new people.

You make your own choices.

In college, you decide what to do and when to do it. You get to choose which classes to take, based on your interests and area of study. It takes self-discipline, hard work and good time management skills, especially if you have to work, too. But getting a good education is worth the effort.

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It’s an opportunity to discover yourself.

College gives you a chance to learn more about the world and about yourself. You will find a wide range of activities available. From study abroad programs to career clubs, multicultural clubs and sports, you will have the chance to try new things, test your leadership abilities and discover hidden talents. It’s a chance like no other to find out what you love to do and prepare yourself for a rewarding career.

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