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Make college a part of your future

You can do it

You can learn new skills, make more money and get a job you enjoy. You can make your family proud and feel good about yourself. You can have all of this and more by making college a part of your future.

Many people and resources are ready to help you with everything from paying for college to choosing the college that’s right for you. ask about college today. You can do it.

Informational brochure available in nine different languages

The “Make College a Part of Your Future” brochure is available in the nine languages spoken most commonly in Minnesota. Download a PDF of the brochure in the language of your choice below.

Make College a Part of Your Future Brochure Cover

Dakota (pdf)
English (pdf)
French (pdf)
Hmong (pdf)
Ojibwe (pdf)
Russian (pdf)
Somali (pdf)
Spanish (pdf)
Vietnamese (pdf)

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