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Can I do it?

What if my grades aren’t very good? Are classes available in my language? Many questions come to mind when thinking about college. The best way to answer those questions is simply to ask. Caring people and valuable resources are available to help you find ways to make college a part of your future.


Jade, a Minnesota community college student, gives her advice to high school students hoping to make college a part of their future.

What if my grades aren't very good?

It’s not too late to turn things around. Don’t let a bad grade or two get you down. Study hard, establish good homework habits and ask your teachers or counselors for help. For community and technical colleges, all you need is your high school diploma or GED. You don’t have to take standardized tests to be admitted, and your high school grades and class rank are not considered for most programs.

What if nobody in my family has ever gone to college?

You can start a new tradition and be the first one to go to college. You also will be a role model for the younger children in your family and make your parents proud.

What if I have children?

Many college students are parents, too. A number of our colleges and universities have child care on campus or can help you find it nearby. And depending on your needs, you may qualify for help with child care costs. Ask the admissions counselor or financial aid advisor for more information.

What if I don’t speak English?

Classes are taught in English. The colleges and universities can assist you in finding appropriate English language resources.

Where will I live?

Some colleges and universities have dormitories, so you can live right on campus. You also may be able to get help finding an apartment nearby. Or you might be able to save money by living at home with your parents.

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