Appearance Request Form

Chancellor of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Thank you for your interest in having the chancellor appear at your event. To assist in managing the chancellor's schedule, we ask that you please initiate any invitation for the chancellor to speak at or attend an event or meeting by submitting an email request to Kalae Verdeja at least eight weeks prior to the event. All requests will be considered and responded to in a timely manner.

The chancellor strives to accept as many invitations as possible; however, he frequently must decline an invitation due to various obligations and duties. Your patience with managing the chancellor's calendar is appreciated.

Please include the following required information in your email request:

  • Event (event title and name of organization holding the event)
  • Date and time
  • Where (specific location -- include map and where to park)
  • Contact (name, title and phone number)
  • Program (including suggested length of chancellor's remarks and specific topics to address; order of speakers and identities, logistics of the space, whether a lectern will be used, other helpful information)
  • Please note that Chancellor Rosenstone prefers to use a lapel microphone, if one is available.
  • Audience (size and description, include notables and dignitaries' names and titles, and a list of attendees if possible)
  • Background information (include anything that will help in preparing remarks, such as history, context for the event, information about a project, current news and upcoming events related to the organization and event)

Materials relative to the event may be mailed (please include a copy of your completed appearance request form) to the following:

Kalae Verdeja
Minnesota State Colleges & Universities
30 7th Street East, Suite 350
Saint Paul, MN 55101-7804