Chancellor Steven J. Rosenstone

Steven Rosenstone

Chancellor Rosenstone is the chief executive officer of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. He is responsible for providing academic leadership to the system's 31 colleges and universities, ensuring effective and efficient management and operation of the system, carrying out board policies, recommending operating and capital budgets to the board, and planning for the current and long-term educational needs of Minnesota.

Chancellor Rosenstone welcomes suggestions for improving the quality of programs, services and operations of the system's colleges and universities. Students, faculty, staff and the public should contact him directly at

Chancellor Rosenstone's installation occurred on October 19, 2011 in the Rotunda of the state Capitol.

For media requests and interviews, please contact Doug Anderson in the public affairs office. For requests for Chancellor Rosenstone to speak at an event, please contact Kalae Verdeja.