Career Technical Education: Learning that works for Minnesota

Career technical education programs combine all the things you learn in school and puts them to work. These programs fit any student whether you are a high school graduate, a working adult looking to gain additional training and certification to move up the career ladder, a Minnesota veteran, a new immigrant looking to further your education or if you are simply thinking about changing careers. You can earn your degree, certificate or diploma in as little as 4-6 months or you can continue your education at the university level. It all depends on what program you choose. There are many short and long-term programs to fit every learner and that's what makes career technical education programs and careers so unique.

With career technical education programs, you'll learn how math, writing, reading and science can apply to a variety of careers. You'll also build a foundation of knowledge and skills like communication, ethics, problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking; skills needed by every employer.

Preparing you for work

Every few weeks we will feature a program or career, including unique career exploration and technical programs from high schools throughout Minnesota, that help prepare students like you for work. We'll provide related links to other resources that will help you plan for your education and your career.

Minnesota Career Pathways Website for adults

What you choose to do won't be the same as anyone else. Your past experiences and future goals make your path unique. Your future possibilities are endless. Create a pathway to success by understanding the steps to get there.