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Customized training

Effective training can turn a good employee into a great asset. Assess employee skills and identify and remedy gaps through customized training from the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Work with experts who share their real-world business experience with your employees.

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The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system is the leading training provider in Minnesota; each year, the colleges and universities serve about 6,000 employees and train more than 150,000 workers.

Training is individually tailored to your organization. Consult with a customized training representative to design a training program to meet your needs and those of your employees. Get customized training in your workplace, online or on campus so employees can master the skills required to keep your company growing.

With customized training, you can:

  • Increase profitability
  • Build a more productive and quality-oriented workforce
  • Increase efficiency
  • Enhance employee loyalty and retention
  • Remain competitive
  • Reduce turnover

Gain access to the faculty expertise and knowledge available at all 31 institutions when you choose the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. Colleges and universities can work together to meet your needs or engage outside contractors to deliver specific training programs.

What types of training are available?

Topics can range from general business training to industry-specific training and programs specifically designed for your company.