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Saint Paul, Minnesota


Review Office of Legislative Auditor Report
The Board of Trustees approved that the Board Chair shall refer the findings pertaining to the authority for Pine Technical College to enter into a joint powers agreement for the operation of its Employment and Training Center to another policy committee of the Board for further consideration.

The Board of Trustees expects that the Office of the Chancellor will work with college and university presidents to ensure prompt implementation of the corrective actions provided in response to Legislative Audit Report 2007-25. The Office of Internal Auditing shall provide periodic reports to the presidents, chancellor and the Audit Committee on the status of these audit findings.

Minnesota West Community and Technical College - Worthington YMCA Ground Lease
The Board of Trustees approved the execution of a ground lease with the YMCA - Worthington, and specifically, the change in lease term from twenty (20) to forty (40) years, subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein. The Chancellor is directed to take all necessary action to complete the transaction.

Authorization of Leadership Employment Agreements
The Board of Trustees authorized the Chancellor, in consultation with the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the Chair of the Human Resources Policy Committee, to enter into employment agreements with the presidents and vice chancellors whose current agreements expire on June 30, 2008.