September 17, 2003
Board Meeting Summary

World Trade Center
Saint Paul, Minnesota


Proposed Amendment to Policy 1A.3 System Administration, Chancellor

The Board of Trustees approved the amendment to Policy 1A.3 System Administration, Chancellor, effective September 17, 2003. The policy, describing the duties and responsibilities of the Chancellor, was amended so that: 1) the chair of the board appoints the members of the ad hoc assessment committee, and 2) the executive director of the Office of Internal Auditing will compile the assessment surveys.

Winona State University Real Property Acquisition

The Board of Trustees approved the acquisition of 629 Main Street, Winona, Minnesota by Winona State University subject to completion of all necessary due diligence requirements and approval of all documents by the Attorney General's Office.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College Real Property Acquisition

The Board of Trustees approved the purchase of the 2.5 acre parcel of land and buildings located thereon, currently owned by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and located at 1300 Harmon Place in downtown Minneapolis. The purchase agreement is contingent upon successful completion of all due diligence activities.

Leadership Employment Agreement Authorization

The Board of Trustees authorized the Chancellor, in consultation with the Chair of the Board of Trustees and Chair of the Human Resources Policy Committee, to negotiate employment agreements with presidents and vice chancellors whose current agreements expire June 30, 2004.