TO: MnSCU Board of Trustees

FROM: Dr. Orley D. Gunderson

RE: Request to approve plan to establish a non-resident waiver tuition program

DATE: April 12, 2002

I hereby officially request that Northland Community and Technical College be designated as a pilot site for the MnSCU system to waive non-resident/non-reciprocity tuition. We are requesting a non-resident tuition waiver for the following reasons:


  1. We have a very small population from which to draw and need to do more recruiting from out of state areas - particularly in the areas of aviation maintenance, nursing, architecture, and law enforcement.
  2. We currently have a very small number of non-residents and feel that the tuition waiver would make it possible for us to improve diversity and address some of the concerns that are addressed in our strategic long-range plan.

cc: Dennis Bendickson
Dennis Paesler