December 1998 Board Meeting Summary

World Trade Center
St. Paul, Minnesota


Chancellor Employment Agreement
Upon completion of the final Employment Agreement with Morris J. Anderson by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and the Chair of the Personnel Policy Committee, the Board of Trustees authorizes the Executive Committee to suspend Policy 1A.3 regarding appointment of Interim Chancellor. The Board also delegates authority to the Executive Committee to approve: (1) the terms and conditions of the Agreement, (2) the policies and procedures for review of the Chancellor, (3) the criteria for which the Chancellor shall be evaluated, and (4) the appointment of Morris J. Anderson as Chancellor of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. The Board also authorizes the Chair to execute the Agreement following an affirmative vote of the Executive Committee.


Revisions to Chapter 1A, Board Policy
The Board of Trustees approved the relocation of sections 1A.5 (Naming Colleges and Universities) to MnSCU policy 6.3 (Facilities Chapter), policy 1A.7 (Eligibility for Early Separation Incentives) to policy 4.12 (Human Resources Chapter), policy 1A.8 (Expense Allowances) to policy 4.13 (Human Resources Chapter), and to reinstate language in policy 1A.3, (System Administration, Chancellor) Part 2. Interim Appointments that was inadvertently stricken when moved from policy 1A.4. Further, the Board moves to delete the remaining policies of Chapter 1A and replace them with language presented as "Chapter 1A Revisions," dated December 10, 1998 (included in the December Board meeting packet). See the following MnSCU policies for the changes:

Board of Trustees Seal
The Board of Trustees adopted and approved the use of the seal designed for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees.

Metro Plan Report
The Board of Trustees approved the Metro Plan report and authorized the Chancellor to share the report with the Legislature.

Minnesota State University Akita Program Update
The Board of Trustees approved up to an additional $300,000 in support of Minnesota State University-Akita (MSU-A) during fiscal year 2000. In addition, the Board directed the Chancellor and MnSCU staff in Minnesota and Japan to address the following issues related to the ongoing operation of MSU-A:

  • complete a substantial review of the terms of the existing 25-year agreement;
  • finalize efforts with our Japanese partners to transfer all of the Japanese responsibilities under the agreement to the Prefecture;
  • assess existing student marketing, recruitment, and transfer opportunities, establishing targets as appropriate, and;
  • complete a Systemwide assessment of global education opportunities.

The Chancellor will provide a progress report on Akita at the April Board meeting. A full report covering implementation of the four objectives contained in this motion will be provided at the September meeting.

Program Approval: Advanced Technical Certificate, Advanced Distribution Logistics, St. Paul Technical College
The Board of Trustees approved the request by St. Paul Technical College to offer an Advanced Technical Certificate in Advanced Distribution Logistics. Program implementation is scheduled for January 1999.

Program Approval: AS, Outdoor Leadership, and Certificate, Outdoor Leadership, Rainy River Community College
The Board of Trustees approved the request by Rainy River Community College to offer an Associate of Science in Outdoor Leadership and a Certificate in Outdoor Leadership. Program implementation is scheduled for August 1999.

Approval of Mission Statements: Hennepin Technical College and Northwest Technical College
The Board of Trustees approved the mission statements of Hennepin Technical College and Northwest Technical College.

Inver Hills Community College Instructional Building Schematic Design
The Board of Trustees approved the schematic design of the Inver Hills Community College instructional building as presented.

FY2000-2001 Biennial Operating Budget Request
The Board of Trustees is firmly committed to achieving adequate funding for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. The Board of Trustees approved the FY2000-2001 biennial budget request as outlined in attachment A and B (located on pages 292-298 of the December Board meeting materials) and directed the Chancellor to prepare the documents for submission to the Governor and the Department of Finance.


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