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St. Paul, Minnesota


Report on Gifts and Grants
The Board of Trustees unanimously accepted the FY 1996 Gifts and Grants Report consistent with Board Policy 8.1. Total FY 1996 gifts and grants were over $42 million.

Proposed Policy 5.6 - Board Policy on Resource Recovery & Environmentally Responsible Practices
The Board of Trustees unanimously approved MnSCU Policy 5.6 - Resource Recovery and Environmentally Responsible Practices, which requires the colleges and universities to maintain recycling at or above FY 96 levels and continue to implement environmentally responsible practices.

Authorization to Seek Legislative Authority to Acquire and Dispose of Property
The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the recommended motion which directs the chancellor to seek legislative authority to acquire and dispose of real property with the prior review and approval of the Board of Trustees.

1998-1999 Capital Program Projects Priorities Framework
The Board of Trustees unanimously approved an amended motion approving the 1998-1999 Capital Program Priorities Framework outlined by the chancellor. The 1998-1999 Capital Program Projects in order of priority are:

  1. Life, Safety and Maintenance - projects which preserve existing facilities and cure life, safety, OSHA, and/or ADA noncompliance conditions. Projects will be grouped into two groups in recognition of those eligible under MS 135A.046 (HEAPR) and other projects.
  2. Capacity Utilization and Development - projects which support the institutional and system wide strategic plan. Projects may include, for example, the expansion of a current program, educational program changes or program realignment.
  3. Cooperative Ventures - projects which support cooperative program initiatives between and among institutions, community partners, business and government agencies.
  4. Space Replacement Projects - projects needed to replace obsolete instructional facilities.

New Program Proposal: Building Care Services Program--Pine Technical College at Moose Lake Correctional Facility
The Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new program proposal by Pine Technical College to offer a new diploma in Building Care Services at the Moose Lake Correctional Center.

New Program Approval: Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction--Moorhead State University
The Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new program proposal by Moorhead State University to offer a Master of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

New Program Approval: Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration--Moorhead State University
The Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new program proposal by Moorhead State University to offer a Baccalaureate of Science degree in Health Services Administration.

Recommendation on Master Academic Plan for Metropolitan Area
The Board of Trustees unanimously endorsed the amended Master Academic Plan for the metropolitan area. The board approved creating an "open admission university" as the primary means of meeting the needs of the metropolitan area and authorizes the chancellor to proceed with planning for the consolidation of Minneapolis Community and Technical College and Metropolitan State University to establish the new open admission university. The chancellor will return to the board with the results of the planning effort including the time lines and financial requirements in March 1997.

Televising Board Meetings
The Board of Trustees decided to broadcast two to three board meetings during 1997, and will select those meetings with more substantive issues of concern to the public.