Procedure 5.14.2 Consultant, Professional or Technical Services - History

Board Policies
Chapter 5 - Administration

Date of Adoption: 7/28/96,
Date of Implementation: 7/28/96,

Date & Subject of Revisions:

1/25/12 - The Chancellor amends all current system procedures effective February 15, 2012, to change the term "Office of the Chancellor" to "system office" or similar term reflecting the grammatical context of the sentence.

03/25/10 - Increases college and university authority to enter into individual contracts up to $100,000; clarifies that contracts over $100,000 need the approval of the vice chancellor-chief financial officer; intra-agency and inter-agency agreements, joint powers agreements and master contracts with a value in excess of $1,000,000 require approval by the vice-chancellor-chief financial officer.

06/21/00 - Contains language formerly in system procedure 5.5.1;

04/99 - Part 7 modified because of changes in MS 363.073

07/97 - Part 7, dollar figure went up from $50,000, due to Legislative changes