Procedure 5.12.4 Refund of Tuition and Fees

System Procedures
Chapter 5 - Administration

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for Board Policy 5.12

Part 1. Authority. Board policies 1A.1 and 1A.3 delegate authority to the chancellor to develop procedures to implement policy 5.12.

Part 2. General. Refunds of tuition and fees are authorized by the Board of Trustees as specified in board policy 5.12.

Part 3. Refund Method. Where tuition and fees were paid through use of a credit card, debit card, or check card and a refund has been approved in accordance with the requirements of Policy 5.12, such refund shall be processed using the original credit card, debit card, or check card account, and the same processor and merchant agreement as used for the original transaction.

Refunds of tuition and fee payments made by check or cash shall be made by check, direct deposit, or external payment provider.

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Procedure History:

Date of Adoption: 12/20/05,
Date of Implementation: 01/01/06,

Date and Subject of Revisions:

8/26/13 - Amended Part 3 from “refund must be processed” to “shall be processed” to be consistent with other policies/procedures/guidelines. Also amended the last sentence to include additional payment methods that align with current ISRS system programming.

There is no additional history for procedure 5.12.4