Board Policies
Chapter 6 - Facilities Management

Date of Implementation: 06/21/00
Date of Adoption: 06/21/00

Date & Subject of Revisions:

07/21/10 - Amended Part 1 to require Board approval for privately funded capital projects. Amended Part 2 to prohibit colleges and universities from seeking private funding for capital projects not approved by the Board.

06/21/06 - Amended Part 2 to change "low maintenance" to "sustainable" campus facilities.

12/7/05 - Amends Part 1 to clarify that the Board will establish criteria for and approve capital program guidelines and a multi-year capital budget, including a prioritized capital project list. Amends Part 2 to clarify that the Chancellor will develop and recommend program guidelines and contracting procedures, and direct planning, design and construction of facilities to assure long-lived, substantial and low maintenance facilities. Amends Part 3 to require period reports to the Board on each project’s status, including changes in the budget, scope and schedule.

06/18/03 - revises Part 1 to delete Board approval of schematic designs for projects over $5 million

06/21/00 - Repeals Board policies 6.1 and 6.2 (language in 6.2 was moved to Procedure 6.5.6)