4.2 Appointment of Presidents

Board Policies
Chapter 4 - Human Resources

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Part 1. Presidents. The president is the chief executive officer of the college or university. The president shall report to the chancellor and is responsible for leading the college and/or university faculty, staff and students in developing and implementing the college or university mission, consistent with the Board mission and goals. The president is the primary spokesperson for college and/or university interests and shall consult with students, faculty, staff and members of the community. The president shall advise the chancellor, the staff of the system office, and the Board of Trustees on matters of system policy as appropriate, and otherwise administer and support all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities policies and programs. They shall also lead in generating and sustaining the university/college vision as an integral part of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. The duties and responsibilities of the president shall include, but not be limited to, adhering to Board policies and system procedures, employing personnel, providing innovative educational leadership, allocating campus resources, and implementing the Board's strategic plan.

Part 2. Appointment of Acting Presidents. Upon advance notification to the chair of the Board, the Chancellor may appoint an acting president for the period of the president's approved leave of absence.

Part 3. Appointment of Interim Presidents. An interim president may be appointed upon the recommendation of the chancellor and approval by the Board, to temporarily fill a vacant presidency for a term of up to one year with the option to extend the appointment for additional periods.

Part 4. Presidential Appointments. Presidents are appointed by the Board upon the recommendation of the chancellor. The chancellor shall utilize one of the following options in recommending a presidential appointment to the Board.

Subpart A. Search. When there is a presidential vacancy, the chancellor will normally conduct a search for a president. Whenever a search is to be conducted, the chancellor or designee shall establish a search committee to assist in the process. The committee members shall be knowledgeable of the duties and responsibilities of the position to be filled and broadly representative of the interests of the administrators, faculty, staff, students, community and friends of the institution. The chancellor, with at least one (1) and up to three (3) members of the Board of Trustees, shall interview selected finalists. The chancellor shall recommend a candidate for president of a college and/or university and the Board shall make the appointment. An acting or interim president shall not be considered as a candidate in a search process for the presidency.

Subpart B. Search Waiver. If, upon a written recommendation of the Chancellor, the Board determines it is in the best interests of the system, they may waive the search process and appoint a candidate that best fits the needs of the institution and the system.

Part 5. Salaries. The chancellor shall determine salaries for the position of president within the parameters of the Personnel Plan for MnSCU Administrators as approved by the Board and within Board approved salary ranges and is the designated appointing authority for all other personnel actions pursuant to Minnesota statutes.

Part 6. Terminations and Contract Expiration.

Subpart A. Termination of Employment. The chancellor, upon advance notification to the Chair of the Board, may terminate a president in accordance with the Personnel Plan for MnSCU Administrators and, if applicable, the president's employment contract.

Subpart B. Contract Expiration. A president's employment ends upon expiration of the employment contract, unless otherwise provided in the employment contract. Expiration of a contract without extension or renewal does not constitute termination under this policy.

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Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 11/18/98,
Date of Implementation: 11/18/98,

Date & Subject of Revisions:

11/16/11 - Effective 1/1/12, the Board of Trustees amends all board policies to change the term "Office of the Chancellor" to "system office," and to make necessary related grammatical changes.

7/18/07 - Amended Part 1 to clarify and update the language. Amended Part 6, Subpart A, Termination of Employment, the chancellor may terminate a president during the term of the presidential employment agreement with advance notice to the chair of the board.

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