Board Policies
Chapter 3 - Educational Policies

Date of Adoption: 6/20/07,
Date of Implementation: 8/01/07,

Date & Subject of Revisions:

3/19/14, Amended Part 2, Subpart D, to revise the definition of credit and amended Part 7 to remove language regarding annual academic program review summary reports to the chancellor.

11/16/11, Amends Part 1 to include foundational language that specifically reflects legislation found in State Higher Education Objectives, Budget Priorities, Powers and Duties, Missions, Courses and Programs, and Education Priorities. Amends Part 5 to require that the annual academic program status report to the Board include data and analysis of programs measured against program goals established by the Chancellor.

1/21/09, Amends Part 2, Subp. B to require undergraduate degree programs to include a general education component. Adds Part 3, Subp C, Academic Program Credit Length Limits.

6/20/07, Repealed the following policies:

3.2 - Academic Program Inventory
3.10 - Academic Program Review
3.12 - Academic Program Suspension and Reinstatement and Closure
3.14 - Academic Program Approval
Procedure 3.14.1 - Addressing Transfer in Approval of New Programs
3.17 - Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates
Procedure 3.17.1 - Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates
3.19 - Academic Program Redesign.
3.20 - Academic Program Replication or Relocation.
3.25 - Degree Granting Authority.