2.9 Academic Standing and Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress - History

Board Policies
Chapter 2 - Students

Date of Adoption: 9/20/95,
Date of Implementation: 9/20/95,

Date & Subject of Revisions:

11/14/12 - Amends Part 1 to clarify that certain aspects of each college and university Academic Standing Policy may differ from the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

11/16/11 - Effective 1/1/12, the Board of Trustees amends all board policies to change the term "Office of the Chancellor" to "system office," and to make necessary related grammatical changes.

05/17/06 - amended the title to include Academic Standing and added new part 1, Academic Standing Policy. Also repealed Carry Forward Community College Policies III.02.06 Academic Standards and IV.07.01 Academic Suspension.

3/17/04 - replaced almost all policy language.