1A.3 System Administration, Chancellor

Board Policies
Chapter 1 - System Organization and Administration
Section A - System & Office Operations

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Part 1. Appointment of Chancellor.

Subpart A. Appointment, Compensation and Expenses. The Board shall appoint the chancellor, set the conditions of employment, establish levels of compensation, and provide for an expense allowance for the chancellor.

Subpart B. Interim Appointment. An individual holding an interim appointment as chancellor shall not be eligible for appointment to the position in which she/he is serving as an interim appointee.

Part 2. Chancellor's Duties and Responsibilities. The chancellor shall be the chief executive officer of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and shall have full executive responsibility for higher education leadership and effective management and operation of the system according to Board policies and state and federal laws. The chancellor's duties and responsibilities shall include but not be limited to implementing Board policy; providing for educational leadership; recommending operating and capital budgets; recommending allocation of resources; planning; oversight of collective bargaining; providing information systems; management of personnel resources; annual evaluation of the presidents; and establishment of committees, including a presidents' advisory council.

Part 3. Evaluation. The chancellor shall be evaluated by the Board annually based on goals and objectives approved by the Board. The Chair shall appoint an ad hoc assessment committee to prepare evaluation materials for the Board's evaluation. The executive director of Internal Auditing shall assist the committee in obtaining data when requested, including conducting and compiling assessment surveys.

Part 4. Delegation. The chancellor is delegated full authority and responsibility consistent with the duties of chief executive officer to take actions required for the system to function appropriately in accordance with board policy, system procedures, guidelines, and applicable federal and state law, including but not limited to:

  1. Following any board action required by board policy, signing and execution of all legal and financial documents on behalf of the board, including contracts, agreements, instruments relating to real and personal property transactions, and other legal papers;
  2. Delegating parts of the chancellor's authority to employees under the chancellor's direct supervision; and
  3. Appointment of personnel, development and enforcement of personnel programs, discipline and termination, and signing collective bargaining agreements following board approval.

This delegation is conditioned upon ongoing compliance with applicable statutes and law, board policies, system procedures, guidelines, and other applicable state and federal regulations and policies. The delegation expires upon termination of the chancellor's employment or as otherwise determined by the board.

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Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 5/17/94,
Date of Implementation: 5/17/94,

Date & Subject of Revisions:

01/17/07 - Adds Part 4, Delegation. Automatically delegates to the Chancellor, as chief executive officer of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, full authority to take actions required for the system to function properly.

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