Wednesday, July 17, 2002
World Trade Center
St. Paul, Minnesota

Trustees Present: Mary Choate, Chair, Will Antell, Andrew Boss, Daniel Coborn, Cheryl Dickson, Ivan Dusek, Clarence Hightower, Robert Hoffman, Vincent Ijioma, Lew Moran, David Paskach, Michael Redlinger, Ann Curme Shaw, and Shaun Williams

Absent: Jim Luoma

  1. Call to Order
    Chair Mary Choate called the meeting to order at 10:46 a.m. and reported that a quorum was present. There were no changes to the agenda.

  2. Chair's Report

    a. Introduction of New Members
    Chair Choate introduced the new members of the Board of Trustees: Cheryl Dickson, Clarence Hightower, Vincent Ijioma, David Paskach, Ann Curme Shaw, and Shaun Williams.
    b. Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meeting of June 19, 2002
    As there were no corrections or additions to the minutes, Chair Choate announced that the minutes stand approved as written.
    c. Discussion of Board Policy 1A.2, Part 4, Officers of the Board
    Chair Choate announced that Board Policy 1A.2, Part 4, Officers of the Board, requires the Executive Director/Board Secretary to serve as the Board Secretary. With the elimination of the position of the Executive Director/Board Secretary, the policy is in need of revision.

    Trustee Boss moved that the Board of Trustees refer the matter of the board secretary to the Executive Committee for consideration. Trustee Dusek seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
    d. Election of Officers
    Chair Choate explained the election process. In addition to the slate of candidates, nominations can be made from the floor. Nominations do not require a second. The three offices up for election are chair, vice chair and treasurer.

    Election of Chair:
    Chair Choate announced that Trustee Daniel Coborn would preside over the election of the Board Chair due to Vice Chair Luoma's absence. Chair Choate explained that Vice Chair Luoma was absent due to a prior commitment.

    Trustee Coborn reported that the candidate for chair is the current chair, Mary Choate. Trustee Coborn called for any other nominations for the office of board chair. There were none, and Trustee Coborn declared that the nominations were closed.

    Trustee Coborn moved to elect Mary Choate as chair, effective August 1. The motion carried unanimously and Trustee Coborn declared that Mary Choate was elected as chair of the board.

    Election of Vice Chair:
    Chair Choate announced that the candidate for vice chair is the current vice chair, Jim Luoma. Chair Choate called for any other nominations for the office of board vice chair. There were none. Chair Choate declared that the nominations were closed.

    Chair Choate moved to elect Jim Luoma as vice chair, effective August 1. The motion carried unanimously and Chair Choate declared that Jim Luoma was elected vice chair of the board.

    Election of Treasurer:
    Chair Choate announced that there were no declared candidates for treasurer, and asked if there were any nominations.

    Trustee Boss nominated Trustee Michael Redlinger.
    Trustee Antell nominated Trustee Lew Moran.

    Trustee Moran withdrew his nomination.

    Chair Choate called for any other nominations. There were none. Chair Choate declared that the nominations were closed.

    Chair Choate moved to elect Michael Redlinger as treasurer, effective August 1. The motion carried unanimously and Chair Choate declared that Michael Redlinger was elected treasurer of the board.

    e. Approval of FY 2003 Meeting Calendar
    Chair Choate announced that this is a second reading of calendar.

    Trustee Hoffman moved approval of the FY 2003 Meeting Calendar. Trustee Dusek seconded the motion.

    Chair Choate explained that the proposed FY 2003 meeting calendar did not include board meeting dates during the months of November and February. Consideration was given to using those months for additional activities such as a retreat for team building and then another retreat working toward outcomes-based board productivity. Another reason for reducing the number of monthly meetings included Trustee participation in the Chancellor's comprehensive campus visits.

    During discussion several Trustees voiced concern about reducing the number of meetings because of the need for substantive discussions on complex issues pertinent to board business. Other Trustees voiced the need for the board to become more strategic, with a focus on policy-making. Other suggestions related to whether the current Board committee structure could be made more effective and efficient. There was a request to delay the decision on the meeting calendar to a future date.

    Chancellor McCormick observed that he and the staff work for the Board and will support whatever decision is made by the Board of Trustees. Chancellor McCormick suggested that the Board may want to reserve the meeting dates of November and February on the calendar, and make a decision in October about whether or not the dates are needed. Chancellor McCormick reported that 96 Trustee days were invested in the campus visits last year. The presidents, faculty, staff and students appreciated the Trustee attendance very much. In addition to the regularly scheduled board meetings, Chancellor McCormick spoke of the importance of trustee participation and attendance during campus functions.

    Trustee Hoffman called the question. The votes were six in favor (Trustees Boss, Coborn, Dickson, Hoffman, Paskach and Shaw), six opposed (Trustees Antell, Dusek, Hightower, Ijioma, Moran and Williams) and one abstention (Trustee Redlinger). Chair Choate cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of the motion, and announced that the dates of November 6, 19, 20 and February 5, 19, and 20 will be held in reserve for meetings, if needed.

    Trustee Coborn noted that after hearing the comments on the calendar issue, and as Chair of the Audit Committee, that he will request John Asmussen, Executive Director, Office of Internal Auditing, to provide the Board of Trustees with additional information relative to performance indicators.

  3. Trustee Reports
    There were no Trustee reports.

  4. Chancellor's Comments: James McCormick.
    Chancellor McCormick thanked the Board for the support shown to him and his spouse, Maryan, over this past year. He also thanked the staff for their hard work on the mini-orientation session held on July 17.

    Chancellor McCormick thanked the presidents for their attention to the details of the Work Plan and cooperation on the Leadership Council that was established to parallel the committee structure of the Board of Trustees.

    a. Quarterly Report
    Chancellor McCormick reported that 93 percent (68 out of 73 items) of the Work Plan was completed. Two goals were shifted to the 2003 plan, and three areas are slightly behind and will be completed in the next quarter. The Chancellor completed visits to 90.5 percent of the Minnesota legislators (60 members representing 89.6 percent of the Senate and 122 members representing 91 percent of the House of Representatives). The goal is to complete all of the legislator visits once the elections are over. This includes visits to the out-going legislators, as well as to those who are newly elected. The campus visits were completed in February.

    Goals that were not completed include the following. Sub-Goal (A-2) to identify and remove barriers to participation in higher education is still under review by the Leadership Council. Sub-Goal (F 1-3) to reach out to those traditionally under-represented in the ranks of higher education students and personnel will be completed in the first quarter of 2003. Sub-Goal (1G 1-5) of assessing roles to improve efficiency and effectiveness included an assessment of the Office of the Chancellor function. The final report was completed in June and has specific recommendations, including funding and governance implications that will be addressed in the coming months. Sub-Goal (1G 1-7) to review professional development opportunities and develop a plan to improve current activities was delayed due to the departure of a key Office of the Chancellor mid-level administrator earlier this year.

    b. Work Plan 2002-2003
    Chancellor McCormick summarized the actions for the 2002-2003 Work Plan. Action step one is to increase access and opportunity. Action step two is to increase support. Action step three is to strengthen community development and economic vitality, and action step four is to fully integrate the system. Priorities are listed for each action step.

    During the coming weeks, the Work Plan will undergo an extensive review by the presidents, faculty representatives, students and others. After this review is completed another draft of the plan will be presented to the Board of Trustees. The Work Plan will be presented to the Executive Committee for review in September and presented to the Board of Trustees for approval at the September 18 Board meeting. The Work Plan will be used to evaluate the Chancellor for the coming year.

    The Board of Trustees congratulated Chancellor McCormick and his staff on the tremendous accomplishments of the past year.

    Chancellor McCormick thanked Manuel L�pez, Associate Vice Chancellor for Continuous Improvement, for his tireless efforts on the Work Plan.

  5. Joint Council of Student Associations
    The following representatives of student associations addressed the Board of Trustees: Missi McLaren, President and Brent Glass, Executive Director, Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA); and Frank Viggiano, Executive Director, Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA).

  6. MnSCU Bargaining Units
    The following representatives of MnSCU bargaining units addressed the Board of Trustees: Karen Foreman, President, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees' (AFSCME) Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Policy Committee; Jeanne Cornish, President, Minnesota State University Association of Administrative and Service Faculty (MSUASF); and Jim Pehler, President, Inter Faculty Association (IFO).

  7. Consent Agenda
    a. FY 2004-2009 Capital Budget Guidelines (Second Reading)
    b. Gifts of Real Property - Winona State University; Hibbing Community College
    c. Program Closures: Central Lakes College; Dakota County Technical College; Fergus Falls Community College; Hennepin Technical College; Hibbing Community College; Mesabi Range Community and Technical College; Minneapolis Community and Technical College; Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical; Minnesota State University Moorhead; Minnesota State University, Mankato; Minnesota West Community and Technical College; Northland Community and Technical College; Northwest Technical College; Pine Technical College; Rainy River Community College; Ridgewater College, Riverland Community College; Rochester Community and Technical College; South Central College; St. Cloud Technical College; and St. Paul Technical College.

    Trustee Redlinger moved approval of the Consent Agenda. Trustee Dusek seconded and the Consent Agenda was approved unanimously.

  8. Board Standing Committee Reports

    a. Finance/Facilities Policy Committee, Andrew Boss, Chair

    1. Inver Hills Community College Campus Master Plan
      Committee Chair Boss reported that President Cheryl Frank presented Inver Hills Community College's Campus Master Plan.

    2. FY 2004-2005 Biennial Budget Request (First Reading)
      Committee Chair Boss reported that the committee reviewed the FY 2004-2005 Biennial Budget request as a first reading. Discussion will continue at the September Board meeting, followed by at least two public hearings before the October Board meeting when the Board is expected to take action on the budget request.

    b. Educational Policy Committee, Robert Hoffman, Chair

    1. Academic and Student Affairs Update
      Linda Baer, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs provided an update on academic and student affairs.
    2. Academic and Student Affairs Division Overview: 2002 Division Successes and Achievements
      Committee Chair Hoffman reported that committee received a report on the successes and achievements of the Academic and Student Affairs during 2002. Committee Chair Hoffman highlighted areas in each of the following key policy and academic programming areas:
      • Leading the Effective Institution
      • Curriculum and Pedagogy
      • International Education and Global Markets
      • Serving Students Better
      • Technology as a Strategic Asset
      • Assessment and Accountability

    c. Advancement Committee,
    Lew Moran, Chair

    1. Economic Impact Study
      Committee Chair Moran reported that the committee heard an overview of the Economic Impact Study of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system presented by Paul Anton, of Anton, Lubov & Associates, Inc.
    2. Tagline Procedure
      Committee Chair Moran reported that the committee had a discussion on the tagline procedure that will clarify the way each institution identifies itself as a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.
    3. Marketing Update
      Committee Chair Moran reported that the committee heard an update on marketing, including recruitment materials that were designed in four languages.
    4. Legislative Update
      Committee Chair Moran reported that the committee heard an update on legislative activities.
    5. Development Update
      Committee Chair Moran reported that the committee heard an update on development activities.

    d. Human Resources Policy Committee, Ivan Dusek, Chair

    1. Appointment of President of Minneapolis Community and Technical College
      Committee Chair Dusek moved that the Board of Trustees suspend the search process, and upon the recommendation of Chancellor McCormick appoints Phillip Davis as Distinguished Senior Fellow for Academic Affairs for the period July 1, 2002 through July 17, 2002, and appoints Phillip Davis as president of Minneapolis Community and Technical College effective July 18, 2002, subject to the completion of an employment contract, which the Board authorizes the Chancellor to negotiate in consultation with the Chair of the Board and the Chair of the Human Resources Policy Committee, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Personnel Plan for MnSCU Administrators. Trustee Redlinger seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

      President Davis thanked the Board of Trustees and Chancellor McCormick for allowing him to return to Minneapolis Community and Technical College. President Davis expressed his appreciation to Josephine Reed-Taylor, who was Interim President at MCTC, for her support during the transition period.
    2. Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) Contract Approval
      Committee Chair Dusek moved that the Board of Trustees approves the terms of the 2001-2003 labor agreement with Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF), and authorizes the Chancellor to sign the agreement on behalf of the Board contingent upon ratification by MSCF membership. Trustee Boss seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
  9. Requests by Individuals to Address the Board
    There were no requests to address the Board.

  10. Other Business
    Chair Choate provided an update on Trustee Emeritus Robert Erickson's bicycle tour of the 53 campuses of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to raise money for the needs of part-time, older students. He calculated that the campus tour would total 2,101 miles, but in actuality, the bike odometer showed 2,318 miles when he rode into his 53rd and final campus on July 5. To date, Trustee Emeritus Erickson has raised pledges and donations totaling more than $78,800.

  11. Adjournment
    Chair Choate adjourned the meeting by consensus at 12:44 p.m.

Recorded by Ingeborg K. Chapin
Executive Assistant to the Board