Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, January 17, 2001

World Trade Center
St. Paul, Minnesota

Trustees Present: Will Antell, Nancy Brataas, Brent A. Calhoun, Mary Choate, Daniel G. Coborn, Dennis Dotson, Ivan Dusek, Robert Erickson, Bob Hoffman, Jim A. Luoma, Lew Moran, Joseph Swanson, Michael Vekich, Chair

Trustees Absent: Andrew Boss, Joann Splonskowski

  1. Call to Order
    Chair Vekich called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. and reported that a quorum was present. Vice Chair Boss, Trustee Splonskowski and Chancellor Anderson were at the Senate Education Committee hearing. Senior Vice Chancellor Baer will present the Chancellor's Report.
  2. Chair's Report

    a. Approval of Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting of December 19, 2000
    Trustee Antell moved approval of the minutes of December 19, 2000. Trustee R. Erickson seconded and the minutes were approved without dissent.

    b. Report of the Executive Committee Meeting of January 3, 2001
    Chair Vekich reported that the Executive Committee met on January 3, 2001.

    c. Other
    Chair Vekich highlighted noteworthy events at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. This Saturday, the Southwest State University Star of Minnesota Marching Band will have the honor of performing at the inauguration of President George W. Bush. They will be playing for a total of three hours, according to the university's director of bands, Alan Taylor. Congratulations to the band and President Dennis Nielsen.

    President Kathleen Nelson of Lake Superior College has been elected secretary of the Council of North Central Two-Year Colleges. This is a progressive position leading to the presidency position in four years. Congratulations, President Nelson.

    This year, our colleges and universities have seen significant growth in money donated to the institutions and their foundations, as we heard today at our annual foundation lunch. In addition, the colleges also have been asked to put a value on the non-dollar gifts of equipment, training and services they have received. The estimated total of these in-kind gifts is nearly $21 million. Some colleges deserve special recognition for their efforts in this area:

    • Dakota County Technical College reported more than $7 million in these in-kind gifts,
    • Hennepin Technical College received $4 million,
    • St. Cloud State University, more than $3 million,
    • And more than $1 million each for North Hennepin Technical College and St. Cloud Technical College.
    This level of giving occurs only when close cooperation exists between the institutions and the corporate and business community. As the governor and the Legislature look toward workforce training, they should be aware of the long history of business and college partnerships that already exist within the MnSCU system. Congratulations to all of the presidents and campuses.
  3. Trustee Reports
    Trustee Erickson, liaison to the NorthStar State Colleges and Universities Foundation, reported that the Board of Trustees and Chancellor Anderson hosted the Fourth Annual Foundation Thank You Luncheon today. This luncheon celebrates the foundations' private support for MnSCU's institutions. Trustee Erickson introduced Clint Larson, chair of the NorthStar State Colleges and Universities Foundation and Peg Blean Boots, director for development, MnSCU system office. Mr. Larson congratulated MnSCU on the wonderful accomplishments of the foundations. NorthStar State University Foundation redefined its mission last year to be an umbrella and service support organization to the foundations. He thanked Peg Blean Boots, and Joyce Petsch, assistant development director, for their outstanding support. He complimented the Board of Trustees and Chancellor Anderson for their leadership to a high level of operating excellence.

    Trustee Brataas apologized for her absence over the past few months, and explained that she has been engaged in a civic matter in the city of Rochester.
  4. Chancellor's Report: Morris J. Anderson.
    Senior Vice Chancellor Baer provided the Chancellor's Report because Chancellor Anderson was at the hearing at the Senate Education Committee. She reported that Minneapolis Community and Technical College is requesting authorization to name its new information technology center library in honor of Wheelock Whitney, a longtime friend and supporter of the college. President Phil Davis has consulted with students, faculty and staff. The Board has delegated approval to the Chancellor after seeking the advice of the Board and he has received no objections. Chancellor Anderson will inform President Davis that he is authorizing the naming of the new center in honor of Wheelock Whitney.

    President Davis commented that Wheelock Whitney and his late wife, Irene Whitney, have played a central role in the development of Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Mr. Whitney has provided advice, support, and counsel, and a recent gift of an endowment of one million dollars to support the facility. Responding to a question, President Davis related the events of the college's celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday.

    Senior Vice Chancellor Baer reported that Vice Chancellor King had intended to announce the 2000 MnSCU Annual Excellence Awards that were recently awarded in a ceremony. Copies of the announcement were available for the public.
  5. Executive Director/Board Secretary's Report: Penny Harris Reynen
    Executive Director Reynen provided an update on the Department of Administration's study of MnSCU. MnSCU will receive a copy of the draft report on February 6, and will have two days to prepare a response to it. The report will be publicly released on February 12.

    Itineraries for the Trustees attending the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) National Legislative Seminar in Washington, D.C. on February 3-6 will be distributed today. Executive Director Reynen is scheduling appointments with members of Minnesota's congressional delegation.

    The Association of Governing Boards National Conference on Trusteeship is in San Francisco on March 31 through April 3. The deadline for registration materials to be sent to the Board Office is Jan. 31st.
  6. Joint Council of Student Associations
    The following representatives of student associations addressed the Board of Trustees: Michael Redlinger, state chair, Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA), and Justin Bing, vice president, Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA).
  7. MnSCU Bargaining Units
    There were no reports from the bargaining units.
  8. Consent Agenda
    Trustee Choate requested that item b. FY 2000-2001 Reserves Report be removed from the Consent agenda and placed under the Finance/Facilities Policy Committee's agenda for discussion. Chair Vekich acknowledged the request and noted that consent agenda item b would not be included in the motion.
    a. St. Cloud Technical College Remodeling Project Schematic Design
    b. FY 2000-2001 Reserves Report
    c. Repeal of Policy V1.02.06, Filling of Position by Claiming, Promotion or Transfer
    d. Presidents' Contracts
    e. Mission Review: Mesabi Range Community and Technical College
    f. Program Approval: MS in Nursing, Minnesota State University Moorhead
    g. Program Approval: Certificate in Teaching and Learning with Technology; and Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning with Technology; Minnesota State University Moorhead
    h. Program Approval: Diploma, Massage Therapist, Lake Superior College
    i. Program Approval: AAS and Certificate in Information and Communication Technology, Century College
    j. Program Approval: Certificate, Massage Therapy, St. Paul Technical College

    Trustee Choate moved approval of Consent Agenda items a, and c through j. Trustee Splonskowski seconded and the Consent Agenda was approved without dissent.
  9. Board Standing Committee Reports

    a. Finance/Facilities Policy Committee

    1. FY 2002 Revenue Fund Fees and Spending Plan (First Reading)
      Committee Vice Chair Moran reported that the committee reviewed the FY 2002 Revenue Fund Fees and Spending Plan.

      A discussion arose from Vice Chancellor King's letter, dated December 21, 1999, to President Sertich, Northeast Higher Education District, about providing financial assistance to Vermilion Community College. Vice Chancellor King explained that the letter represents the steps that Vermilion Community College is taking in the next six months in order to end FY 2001 in financial solvency. Vermilion Community College will take steps in the next six months to solve their situation. MnSCU has provided them with a grant to fund the reserve.

      Committee Chair Erickson commented that access is important, and that MnSCU must make sure that the Legislature is fully aware of the cost of access as a public policy decision.
    2. Anoka-Hennepin Technical College Remodeling Project Schematic Design (First Reading)
      Committee Vice Chair Moran reported that Interim President Anne Weyandt presented the Anoka-Hennepin Technical College Remodeling Project Schematic Design. This will be an action item at the February Board meeting.
    3. St. Paul Technical College Campus Master Plan
      Committee Vice Chair Moran reported that St. Paul Technical College President Donovan Schwichtenberg presented the campus master plan.


    4. FY 2000-2001 Reserves Report
      Committee Vice Chair Coborn moved that the Board of Trustees approves the requests by two institutions (Rainy River Community College and Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College) seeking to maintain a reserve level above the Board's maximum guideline of 7 percent. The Board also approves the plan proposed by Hennepin Technical College for reducing its reserve to 7 percent. The Chancellor is asked to advise the Board in June 2001 on progress of those institutions below the Board's Reserve guideline in complying with the plans contained in attachment C (located on page 50 of the meeting materials). Trustee Erickson seconded and the motion carried without dissent.
    5. Gifts and Grants Report
      Committee Vice Chair Coborn moved that the Board of Trustees accepts the FY 2000 Gifts and Grants Report consistent with Board Policy 7.7, Part 4. Trustee Erickson seconded and the motion carried without dissent.

    6. Annual Contracts Report
      Committee Vice Chair Coborn reported that the committee reviewed the annual contracts report.
    7. MnSCU Audited Balance Sheet and Un-Audited Institution Schedules and Footnotes
      Committee Vice Chair Coborn reported that the committee reviewed the MnSCU Audited Balance Sheet and Un-audited Institution Schedules and Footnotes.

    b. Personnel Policy Committee
    Committee Vice Chair Hoffman presented the Personnel Policy Committee report as Committee Chair Brataas had left earlier in the meeting to attend a hearing in Rochester.

    1. Discussion on Board Policy 4.6, Re-Employment of Early Retirees
      Committee Vice Chair Hoffman reported that the committee reviewed Board Policy 4.6, Re-Employment of Early Retirees. The committee asked Vice Chancellor Tschida to review and report on whether or not the Board needs to have a policy on the re-employment of early retirees.

    c. Educational Policy Committee
    Trustee Luoma announced that the committee recommended that agenda item 2, Ratification of Policies - Board's Mission and Vision be changed to an action item because it is clarification of an earlier board action.

    1. Academic and Student Affairs Update
      Due to time constraints, Senior Vice Chancellor Baer did not provide a report.
    2. Ratification of Policies - Board's Mission and Vision (First Reading)
      Committee Chair Luoma moved that the Board of Trustees suspend the rules in order to take action on a non-action item. Trustee Dusek seconded and the motion carried on a two-thirds majority vote.

      Committee Chair Luoma moved that the Board of Trustees approve MnSCU Board Policy 1A.1 MnSCU Organization and Administration, Part 2, Vision and Mission Statements as follows:

      Part 2. Vision and Mission Statements: The following Vision and Mission statements have been adopted by the Board of Trustees.

      Subpart A. Vision Statement. MnSCU will be the preferred pathway to higher educational opportunities and a valued partner in statewide economic development and community building.

      The uniqueness and diversity of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the power of a unified system will enable MnSCU to excel as the most accessible, highest-quality, and innovative education provider in the region.

      Subpart B. Mission Statement. Our mission is to provide the diverse citizens of Minnesota the benefits of high-quality, accessible, future-oriented higher education; relevant research; and community service.

      The MnSCU System of diverse institutions offers unequaled breadth, variety, and quality of educational opportunities across the state. Collectively, and in partnership, we offer learning opportunities for a technologically sophisticated world that result in:

      • Contributing and empowered citizens
      • Active participants in a democratic society
      • Educated, skilled, and adaptable workers
      • Practical research and development
      • Strong communities

      Trustee Antell seconded and the motion carried.

    3. Program Reinstatement: Diploma, Barbering, Pine Technical College, Minnesota Correctional Facility, Moose Lake
      Committee Chair Luoma reported that the committee heard information on the Barbering Diploma program that was reinstated at Pine Technical College, Minnesota Correctional Facility in Moose Lake.
    4. Report on Phillips Partnership with Minneapolis Community and Technical College
      Committee Chair Luoma reported that the committee heard a report on the Phillips Partnership with Minneapolis Community and Technical College.
    5. Update: Highlights of Financial Aid
      Committee Chair Luoma reported that Dr. Kerry Fine presented a report on financial aid.
    6. Update: Workforce and Career Development - An Overview
      Committee Chair Luoma reported that Mike Murphy, associate vice chancellor for strategic partnerships and executive director of the Corporate University, provided an overview on workforce and career development partnerships.
    7. Update: Anoka-Hennepin Technical College Academic Planning
      Committee Chair Luoma reported that the committee heard an update on Anoka-Hennepin Technical College Academic Planning.
    8. Closed Session: Discussion of Litigation, Aldrich, et al. v. Northwest Technical College
      Due to time constraints, this item was postponed until the February Board meeting.
  10. Requests by Individuals to Address the Board
    There were no requests by individuals to address the Board.
  11. Other Business
    Trustee Antell reported that the Futures Sub-Committee met on January 3. The committee will discuss planning based upon futuristic thinking so that MnSCU can look ahead 10-15 years. Chair Vekich announced that there would be a meeting of the Futures Sub-Committee after the Executive Committee on February 7, and during the February Board meeting. One of the purposes of the committee is to not discuss policy issues that are currently before the Board or one of the committees at this time.

    Trustee Coborn commented that he serves on the Board of Center-Care, a medical group of clinics and hospitals in the St. Cloud area. Like the rest of the state, the St. Cloud area is experiencing an acute shortage of registered nurses. St. Cloud State University has discussed establishing a baccalaureate RN training program, and he urged the Board to support and expedite the request. Senior Vice Chancellor Baer commented that there are at least three or more proposals at state universities to expand nursing programs, including the one at St. Cloud State University.
  12. Adjournment
    Chair Vekich adjourned the meeting by consensus at 2:40 p.m.

Recorded by Penny Harris Reynen