Wednesday, January 12, 2000
Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
Anoka, Minnesota

Trustees Present: Andrew Boss, Brent Calhoun, Mary Choate, Robert Erickson, Jim A. Luoma, Joann Splonskowski, Michael Vekich, James Wafler

Trustees Absent: Nancy Brataas, Kathleen Caffey, Daniel G. Coborn, Dennis Dotson, David Erickson, Christine Fritsche



  1. Call to Order
    Chair Vekich called the hearing to order at 2:00 PM and announced that a quorum was present. The purpose of the hearing was to hear public testimony on Chancellor Anderson's recommendations relative to Anoka-Hennepin Technical College. The Board is scheduled to take action on the recommendation on January 19, 2000.

    Allan Johnson, associate vice chancellor for facilities and Leslie Mercer, associate vice chancellor for policy and planning provided brief overviews of the physical condition of the facility and the transfer of programs to neighboring institutions.

    Chancellor Anderson explained that his recommendation would best serve the students by combining the technical education programs with those offered at Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park and expanding offerings at Anoka-Ramsey Community College, as appropriate. The cost of this option is estimated in the $6 million to $11 million dollar range. Chancellor Anderson also discussed possible uses of the present site for customized training center and joint programming with the area high school(s) in a new high school facility.
  2. Testimony

    The following individuals testified in favor of keeping Anoka-Hennepin Technical College open:

    1. Larry Peterson, vice president corporate services, Connexus Energy
    2. Representative Mark Olson, District 19A, Big Lake
    3. Sandra Peterson, co-president, Education Minnesota
    4. Edward Schones, president, United Technical College Educators
    5. Jerry Vtizhum, director, Anoka County Job Training Center
    6. Jerry Skjolsvik, career rehabilitation counselor, Rehabilitation Services
    7. Blake Zack, student senate, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    8. Justin Wallin, president, Minnesota State College Student Association
    9. Dr. Roger Giroux, superintendent, Anoka-Hennepin School District 11
    10. Ginny Karbowski, director, Secondary Vocational Education District 11
    11. David Flannery, superintendent of schools, Elk River Area School District 728
    12. Dan Erhart, chair, Anoka County Board of Commissioners
    13. Gary Levine, dean, Customized Training, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    14. John Ittner, vice president, operations, IMI Cornelius
    15. Jim Barthel, president, Elk River Machine
    16. Cheryl Streit, director, corporate human resources, Fairview Health Services
    17. Al Grayson, training coordinator, Ironworker's Union
    18. Tony Maghrak, training director, Minneapolis Apprenticeship and Training Committee for the Electrical Industry, Local 292, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers,
    19. Scott Knight, organizer, business representative, Local 292, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
    20. Gene Merriam, chief financial officer, ECM Publishers
    21. Representative Alice Johnson, District 48B, Spring Lake Park
    22. Representative Phil Carruthers, District 47B, Brooklyn Center
    23. Representative Jim Abeler, District 49A, Anoka
    24. Senator Leo T. Foley, District 49, Coon Rapids
    25. Senator Paula Hanson, District 50, Ham Lake
    26. Brandy Smith, student, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    27. Marcia Provost, treasurer, AFSCME Local 4001, and chief steward for Anoka-Hennepin Technical College, and Anoka-Ramsey Community College
    28. Andrew Revering, retired chief of police, City of Anoka
    29. Lisa Lawrence, student, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    30. Senator Jane Krentz, District 51, May Township
    31. Representative Luanne Koskinen, District 49B, Coon Rapids
    32. Peter M. Beberg, mayor, City of Anoka
    33. Roger I. Johnson, resident, Anoka County
    34. James Flanders, assistant fire chief, Minnetonka Fire Department
    35. Tony Arellano, citizen, Ramsey
    36. Ernest W. Woodrich, student, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    37. Pete Turok, president, Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce
    38. Tim Farmer, fire chief, Coon Rapids Fired Department and instructor, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    39. Ray Steinke, mayor, St. Francis
    40. Dr. Barbara Winfield, elementary school principal and candidate for Minnesota State Senate, Coon Rapids
    41. Marcia Pajak, parent of student, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College student
    42. Bill Mittlefehldt, Anoka Quality Center, Anoka High School
    43. Louis Nash, student, Anoka-Hennepin Technical College
    44. Mike Baumann, director, human resources, Hoffman Enclosures
    45. Diane Grinde, representing Anoka-Hennepin Technical College Parent Legislative Team
    46. Howard Rosenwinkel, former director, Anoka Technical College
    47. Representative Mark Olson, District 19A, Big Lake. For the record, Representative Olson directed questions to Chancellor Anderson. As this was a hearing for public testimony, Chancellor Anderson replied that he will respond to Representative Olson's questions within the next few days.
    48. Elliott Perovich, citizen, Anoka

There being no more requests to address the Board, the hearing was adjourned by consensus at 6:27 p.m.

Michael Vekich, Chair
Recorded by Inge Chapin