Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Thursday, August 12, 1999

Anoka-Ramsey Community College
Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Trustees Present: Nancy Brataas, Kathleen Caffey, Archie D. Chelseth, Mary Choate, Daniel G. Coborn, Jim A. Luoma, Michael Vekich, James Wafler

Trustees Absent: Andrew Boss, Dennis Dotson, David Erickson, Robert Erickson, Christine Fritsche, Michael Nesdahl



  1. Call to Order
    Chair Vekich called the meeting to order at 9:20 AM and announced that a quorum was present. The purpose of the special meeting with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Council of Presidents was to discuss: values and principles; open communications and the means to achieve it, and the relationship between the Presidents and the Board of Trustees.

    Chair Vekich reported that the Board of Trustees met in closed session on July, 1999 to discuss the Chancellor's evaluation. Another closed session was held on August 6 to continue the discussion. No action was taken by the Board.

    There was considerable discussion. A roster of the Presidents in attendance is attached.
  2. Adjournment
    Chair Vekich adjourned the meeting by consensus at 11:40 AM.

Michael Vekich, Chair
Recorded by Robert J. McFarlin