Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, February 21, 1996

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees meeting was called to order by Chair Gary Mohrenweiser at 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday, February 21, 1996, in Room 230 of the Judicial Building, 25 Constitution Avenue, St. Paul.

Trustees Present: Robert Cahlander, Scott Kile, Randall Knudson, Stephen L. Maxwell, Gary Mohrenweiser, John Mulder, Fannie Primm, Denise Stephens, Nellie Stone Johnson, William Ulland

Trustees Absent: Nancy Brataas, Archie D. Chelseth, David Erickson, Christine Fritsche, William Smoley


  1. Approval of January 17, 1996, Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
    Motion by Trustee Ulland, seconded by Trustee Johnson, to approve the minutes of the January 17, 1996, meeting as written. The motion passed unanimously.
  2. Chair's Report: Gary Mohrenweiser
    a. Executive Committee Report, February 7, 1996
    Trustee Mohrenweiser reported the Executive Committee met as scheduled on February 7, 1996. The following issues were discussed during the meeting:
    • Members discussed the policy for naming consolidated colleges and requested that a review of the policy be scheduled for the March 1996 board meeting.
    • Chair Mohrenweiser announced that Michael McPherson, dean of the faculty at Williams College, and John Brandl, professor at the Humphrey Institute and co-author of the Brandl-Weber report, have been invited to discuss higher education financing with the Board of Trustees at the February 9, 1996 retreat.
    • The committee reviewed a proposed schedule of board meetings and campus visits for the period from March through December, 1996.
    • Chancellor Eaton provided updates on the system office reorganization, the legislative session and discussed processes for evaluation of the chancellor.

    b. 1996 Meeting Schedule
    The Board of Trustees will conduct the monthly board meetings at various MnSCU campuses. The proposed meeting site calendar was distributed as approved by the Executive Committee.
  3. Chancellor's Report: Judith Eaton
    a. Proposed Change in Date for Consolidation of Minneapolis Community College and Minneapolis Technical College
    Chancellor Eaton summarized the rationale for changing the consolidation date from July 1, 1996, to February 21, 1996, for Minneapolis Community College and Minneapolis Technical College. Motion by Trustee Ulland, seconded by Trustee Mulder, to approve the consolidation of Minneapolis Community College and Minneapolis Technical College on February 21, 1996.

    Trustee Primm indicated that several concerned students had called her about their opposition to the early merger date. These students did not feel it was in the best interests of the student body and requested to have more input in the decision.

    President Schindler from Minneapolis Community College addressed these concerns and explained the necessity of the early merger date. She noted that the new catalog was going to print and should reflect the consolidation for fall enrollment. Collaboration of academic programs should be implemented as soon as possible to give students broader opportunities. Budget development and strategic planning would be enhanced if consolidation could be moved up.

    Trustee Johnson made a motion to table the original motion for 90 days for action at the May board meeting. Trustee Primm seconded.

    When asked about repercussions of postponing the merger date, President Schindler stated that postponement would reduce potential cost savings from the consolidation. Also, it could be detrimental to the students entering in the fall.

    Trustee Johnson's motion failed. The original motion was voted on. The motion carried with four nay votes from Trustees Primm, Johnson, Knudson, and Kile.

    b. System Statement of Purpose

    The draft statement of purpose discussed at the October retreat and again at the December and January board meetings was presented for approval and additional discussion. Any suggestions/revisions should be sent to Chancellor Eaton for preparation of the final statement of purpose. Draft copies will be forwarded to board members prior to the next meeting. A recommended action will be on the March agenda.

    c. 1996 Legislative Agenda
    John Ostrem reviewed the current MnSCU issues being considered by the Legislature: supplemental appropriations bill, the bonding bill, and the mandate reduction bill.

    Questions were raised about the debt service for the St. Cloud State library and the responsibility of payment. Chancellor Eaton advised that staff would make the necessary inquiries and report its findings.

    d. Proposed Repeal Of Carry-Forward Policies
    Chancellor Eaton reviewed the background information for the recommendation to rescind 14 carry-forward policies. Motion by Trustee Ulland, seconded by Trustee Maxwell, to rescind the following policies which were carried forward from the three former systems:

    POLICY #
    CC II.08 College Advisory Committees Superseded by MnSCU Policy 8.5
    CC III.01.04 Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program Superseded by MnSCU Policy 3.5
    CCIII.02.02 Adding or Dropping Academic Disciplines Superseded by MnSCU Policies 3.12, 3.13, 3.14
    CCIII.02.03 Adding or Dropping Semi-Professional or Technical Programs Superseded by MnSCU Policies 3.12, 3.13, 3.14
    CC IV.03.11 Student Life Superseded by MnSCU Policy 2.8
    CC VI.06.02 Non-Discrimination Superseded by MnSCU Policy 1B.1
    CC VI.06.03 Zero Tolerance on Violence Superseded by MnSCU Policy 1B.1 and State Statute
    CC VII.01.01 College Support Groups Superseded by MnSCU Policy 8.5
    TC Closing a Major Program of Study Superseded by MnSCU Policy 3.13
    TC General Advisory Committees Superseded by MnSCU Policy 8.5
    SU 1.3 Definitions of Parties Superseded by MnSCU Policy 1A.1
    SU 2.1 Basic Rights and Responsibilities Superseded by MnSCU Policy 1A.1
    SU 3.5 Code of Ethics Superseded by State Statute 10A and 43A
    SU 6.7 Grant Application and Acceptance Superseded by MnSCU Policy 8.2

    Trustee Stephens asked about student involvement in the decision to delete or revise the carry-forward policies. Chancellor Eaton stated that staff have worked with the appropriate student associations when reviewing the policies and making recommendations. The motion passed unanimously.

    e. Report on Reorganization
    Chancellor Eaton reported the reorganization was progressing on schedule. Positions for reduction or relocation have been identified and personnel have been notified. At present, discussions with bargaining units are under way. A request for proposal is being developed by which presidents will submit proposals to relocate functions on campuses.

    Job descriptions have been written and the search process is being developed for four senior administrative positions in the system office.
  4. Chancellor's Consent Agenda:
    a. Report on Interpretive and Translation Services
    Motion by Trustee Maxwell, seconded by Trustee Ulland, to accept the report for submission to the Legislature. The motion passed unanimously.
  5. Board Standing Committee Reports
    a. Personnel Policy Committee
    1. Personnel Plan for Excluded Administrators
      Vice Chancellor of Personnel Joyce Wood reviewed the proposed changes to the Personnel Plan for Excluded Administrators. The Personnel Plan for Excluded Administrators received first reading. Staff will make the changes recommended by the Personnel Policy Committee and present the plan for board action at the March board meeting.
    2. Review of Relevant Legislation
      A brief report was given.

    b. Audit Committee
    1. Approval of External Auditor for the Revenue Bond Fund of the State Universities
      The Audit Committee meeting was canceled. This agenda item will move forward for action at the March 1996 board meeting.

    c. Board Operations Committee
    1. Review of Committee Work Plan
      The Board Operations Committee reviewed the proposed workplan.
    2. Review of Per Diem Information
      The committee reviewed a preliminary list of per diem and expense reimbursement eligibility issues. These considerations will be compiled by staff and carried forward for action at a future meeting.
    3. Review of Format for Board of Trustees Manual
      A table of contents was reviewed outlining the Board of Trustees' Manual.

    d. Fiscal Policy Committee
    1. Proposed Amendment to Policy 8.3 - Related Private Organizations and Foundations
      Motion by Trustee Ulland, seconded by Trustee Maxwell, for approval of the amendments to Policy 8.3 - College- or University-Related Foundations as submitted.

      Deputy to the Chancellor for Public Affairs Chris Roberts presented background information about the proposed amendment. The amendment would apply audit oversight to both the contracts between the colleges and universities and their foundations and also would ask the foundations to submit their annual audit reports.

      Trustee Mohrenweiser indicated changes to the amendment as follows:
      Line 16 through 19 to read as follows: The chancellor and each college or university president may contract with a foundation whose primary purpose is to support the college, university or system. The college, university or system may agree to provide . The motion passed unanimously.
    2. Information Systems Update
      The information systems update was reviewed by the committee. The information system is progressing as planned.
    3. Preliminary Discussion of Tuition Rates for 1996-97
      The Board of Trustees will be acting on tuition rates for the 1996-97 academic year at the April board meeting. Staff will provide additional information and data for further discussion and future recommendation.

    e. Joint Meeting - Fiscal Policy and Educational Policy Committees
    1. Winona State University - Pilot Site Proposal
      Motion by Trustee Ulland, seconded by Trustee Mulder, for approval of the chancellor's recommendation regarding the Winona State University pilot project through June 30, 1997, as described in the proposal submitted (revisions to the proposal were distributed as approved by the standing committees) by Winona State University.

    f. Educational Policy Committee
    1. Proposed Advanced Technical Speciality Program in Automotive Driveability Technician for St. Cloud Technical College
      Motion by Trustee Stephens, seconded by Trustee Kile, for approval of the request by St. Cloud Technical College to offer a new certificate program in Automotive Driveability Technician Advanced Technical Specialty. The motion passed unanimously.
    2. Proposed AAS Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant for Southwestern Technical College-Pipestone and Worthington Community College
      Motion by Trustee Stephens, seconded by Trustee Ulland, for approval of the request by Southwestern Technical College-Pipestone in cooperation with Worthington Community College to offer an associate in applied science degree in Physical Therapist Assistant. The motion passed unanimously.
    3. Proposed Certificate in Women's Studies for Lakewood Community College
      Motion by Trustee Stephens, seconded by Trustee Kile, for approval of the request by Lakewood Community College to offer a certificate program in Women's Studies. The motion passed unanimously.
    4. Proposed Board Action on North Central Accreditation
      Motion by Trustee Stephens, seconded by Trustee Ulland, to support the regional accreditation process that requires all MnSCU institutions to achieve accreditation with the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools' Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. The motion passed unanimously.
    5. Proposed Action on Governance Plan for Southcentral Minnesota Colleges
      Motion by Trustee Stephens, seconded by Trustee Ulland, to direct the Albert Lea technical college campus to be consolidated with the newly consolidated college at Austin and the Faribault technical college campus to be consolidated with the technical college campus at Mankato as amended.

      MTCSA representative Dawn Hilliard addressed the board regarding student opposition to the merger of Faribault technical college with Mankato technical college. Some Faribault students prefer a consolidation with Dakota County Technical College based on location and travel time as well as concerns about transfer of coursework. She relayed a request for further interaction with students and community members.

      Chancellor Eaton reviewed the process used to evaluate this recommendation. Deputy Chancellor Harry Peterson also gave background information and details about the proposals.

      The motion passed. Trustee Knudson abstained.
    6. Progress Report on Southwest Minnesota Governance Study
      Deputy Chancellor Harry Peterson presented a report outlining the progress of collaboration among the institutions in the southwestern area. The report focused on collaboration in developing a plan for future governance in that region.
    7. Administrative Cost Reductions and Program Improvements at Consolidated Colleges
      Administrative cost reductions and program improvements of the three pairs of consolidated colleges were reviewed. This report was conducted after six months of consolidation.
  6. Joint Council of Presidents
    President Cliff Korkowski reported that discussions have taken place about the future of the role of the Joint Council of Presidents and discussions will continue at the presidents' association March meeting. He also expressed the desire to add a president to represent the consolidated campuses.
  7. Joint Council of Student Associations
    Representatives from MSUSA and MTCSA reported activities within their associations. Each gave a brief update on legislative issues.
  8. MCCFA, IFO and UTCE: Joint Opportunity to Address the Board
    No report was given.
  9. Requests by Individuals to Address the Board
    No individuals addressed the board.
  10. Other Business
    There was no other business brought before the board.
  11. Adjournment
    Motion by Trustee Ulland, seconded by Trustee Kile, to adjourn the February board meeting at 2:30 p.m. The motion passed unanimously.

Gary Mohrenweiser, Chair Board of Trustees
Cindy Hauser, Recording Secretary