July 1995 | Special Conference Call Board Meeting

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
July 6, 1995

Saint Paul, Minnesota

The Board of Trustees convened by telephone conference call at 3:39 p.m. Following a roll call, Chair Mohrenweiser declared a quorum present.

Trustees Present:
Nancy Brataas, Robert Cahlander, David Erickson, Scott Kile, Stephen L. Maxwell, Gary Mohrenweiser, John Mulder, Fannie Primm, Denise Stephens, Bill Ulland

Trustees Absent: Archie D. Chelseth, Chris Fritsche, Randall Knudson, Rachael Scherer

Also Participating: Harry Peterson, Acting Chancellor; Ed McMahon, Vice Chancellor For Finance and Administration; Glenn Wood, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration


  1. Appointment of President at Minneapolis Community College
    Acting Chancellor Peterson presented his recommendation for the position of president at Minneapolis Community College. Robert Cahlander moved and Judge Maxwell seconded a motion to approve Dr. Diann Schindler as president of Minneapolis Community College. The motion was approved unanimously. Dr. Schindler is being hired with the understanding that she will eventually serve as president of the consolidated community college and technical college.

  2. Fee Policy at Lake Superior Community and Technical College
    Associate Vice Chancellor Glenn Wood presented a recommendation to amend a fee policy at Lake Superior Community and Technical College. Nancy Brataas moved and John Mulder seconded the following motion:

    An exception to the previously adopted community college general fee for community college students attending Lake Superior Community and Technical College is granted with the new general fee set at $1.45 per credit rather than $2.25.

    The motion was approved unanimously.

  3. Sale of Homes Built by Technical College Carpentry Classes
    Vice Chancellor McMahon presented background on the process for selling homes built by technical college carpentry classes. He also recommended that the Board of Trustees delegate to the Chancellor the authority to approve the sale of a home constructed by Willmar Technical College students. Nancy Brataas moved and Fannie Primm seconded a motion to that effect with the instructions to Vice Chancellor McMahon to bring forward a policy to the Board outlining the procedures and guidelines under which the sale and approval for the sale of houses in the future will be made. The motion passed unanimously.

    Vice Chancellor McMahon also provided updates on the Normandale parking expansion project and collective bargaining.

  4. Adjournment
    There being no other business, Chair Mohrenweiser adjourned the meeting at 4:03 p.m.
Gary Mohrenweiser, Chair Board of Trustees
Eric Radtke, Recorder