Wells Fargo Place
30 7th Street East
Saint Paul, Minnesota

The following links are to PDFs unless otherwise noted. Unless otherwise noted, minutes should be considered drafts until approved by the committee or Board. Aproved Board minutes can be found on the minutes site.

General Information

Work Group on Technology

1. Minutes of August 20, 2008 (pdf)
2. Project Management Process Overview (pdf)
3. Project Management Office and Current Project Progress and Issues Update
a. Portfolio Management Office Update (pdf)
b. Enterprise Investment Committee Timeline (pdf)
c. RDB to Oracle Update (pdf)
d. Oracle Talking Points (pdf)
4. Discussion of Possible Biennial Budget Implications
5. Communications Plan Continued Development (pdf)
6. Clarification of Workgroup Charge (pdf)

Board of Trustees

1. Board Discussion on 2020 Planning (pdf)
a. Competence 2.0: An Affordable Innovation and
A Global Imperative by Donald M. Norris & Paul Lefrere, Strategic Initiatives, Inc. (pdf)
b. Tales from the Future - Strategic Initiatives, Inc. (pdf)
c. Presentation by Donald Norris, Ph.D. (pdf)
  • 12:00 p.m. - Meeting Concludes