Minnesota World Trade Center
Fourth Floor, International Hall
30 East Seventh Street
St. Paul, Minnesota

PLEASE NOTE: Committee meeting times are tentative. Committee meetings may begin up to 45 minutes earlier than the times listed below, if the previous committee meeting concludes its business before the end of its allotted time slot.

Tuesday - November 16, 1999

  • 8:00 Finance/Facilities Policy Committee - International Hall - Robert Erickson, Chair, Daniel Coborn and Dennis Dotson, Vice Chairs

    Facilities, Dennis Dotson, Vice Chair
    Approval of Minutes of October 19, 1999
    *(1) Winona State University, Maxwell Hall Remodeling Schematic Design (Second Reading)
    (2) Relocation of MnSCU Board Policy 6.3 Naming Colleges and Universities (First Reading)
    (3) Capital Improvement Projects Quarterly Status Report

    Finance, Daniel Coborn, Vice Chair
    *(4) Approval to Accept Grant to Metropolitan State University
    *(5) Information Systems Strategic Plan (Second Reading)
    (6) 2000 Supplemental Budget Request (First Reading) (7) FY 2001 Operating Budget Including Tuition and Fees (First Reading)
    (8) FY 2000 Institutional Budgets Including FYE Update
    (9) State Board of Investment Performance Review Concerning Revenue Bond Fund
  • 11:00 a.m. Personnel Policy Committee - International Hall - Nancy Brataas, Chair
    Approval of Minutes of October 19, 1999
    *(1) Approval of Minnesota State University Association of Administrative and Services Faculty (MSUAASF) and United Technical College Educators (UTCE) Bargaining Agreements
    *(2) Emeritus Status System Policy (Second Reading)
    *(3) 1999-01 Personnel Plan for MnSCU Administrators (Second Reading)
    *(4) Resolution on Competitive Salaries
    (5)Employee Evaluation Policy (Carry Forward Policy) (First Reading)
    (6) Human Resources Website Overview
  • 12:30 p.m. Board of Trustees Lunch - World Trade Room
  • 1:00 p.m. OPEN FORUM - International Hall
    Kellogg Grant - Developing Leadership in the MnSCU System
  • 2:30 p.m. Educational Policy Committee - International Hall - James Wafler, Chair
    Approval of Minutes of October 19&20, 1999
    (1) Academic and Student Affairs Update
    (2) Applied Doctorate Report (First Reading)
    (3) MnSCU Board Policy 3.23 Naming Colleges and Universities (First Reading)
    *(4) Program Approval: Certificate, Transport Refrigeration Technician, Riverland Community College, Albert Lea
    *(5) Program Approval: AS, Computer Science, Normandale Community College
    *(6) Program Closures: Southwest State University
    (7) Program Suspensions: Northwest Technical College
    (8) Program Reinstatements: AAS, Avionics, Northland Community College
    (9) Minnesota State University-Akita Suspension Work Plan


Wednesday - November 17, 1999


    • 8:00 a.m. Audit Committee - International Hall - Andrew Boss, Chair
      Approval of Minutes of October 20, 1999
      *(1) Office of the Legislative Auditor Financial Audits of Northeast Services Unit, and Accounts Receivable System Review
      (2) Internal Auditing Standards Primer
      (3) Student Information System Update
      (4) Year 2000 Update
  • 10:30 a.m. Board of Trustees Meeting - International Hall


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