Minnesota World Trade Center
International Hall, Fourth Floor
30 East 7th Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota




  1. Call to Order
  2. Chair's Report: Michael Vekich
    *a. Approval of Board of Trustees October 21, 1998, Meeting Minutes
    *b. Report of Ad Hoc Assessment Committee (November 13, 1998), and Board of Trustees (November 17, 1998) Meetings Regarding Chancellor Evaluation
    c. Report of the November 4, 1998, Executive Committee Meeting
    • Revisions to Chapter One, Board Policy (First Reading)
  3. Trustee Reports
    Report of the Seal Committee, Archie D. Chelseth
  4. Chancellor's Report: Morris J. Anderson
  5. Joint Council of Student Associations
  6. MCCFA, IFO, and UTCE: Joint Opportunity to Address the Board
  7. Board Standing Committee Reports

    a. Educational
    Policy Committee, Christine Fritsche, Chair
    1. *Program Approval: Advanced Technical Certificate, Construction Electricity Apprenticeship, St. Paul Technical College
    2. Program Suspensions:
      • Hennepin Technical College, Eden Prairie
        - AAS, Electro-Mechanical Technology
        - AAS, Surveying Technology
      • Rainy River Community College, International Falls
        - AAS, Business Machine Repair
        - AAS, Small Engine Repair
        - AAS, Accounting Technology
    3. Co-College Report
    4. Northwest Agriculture Crisis Report
    5. International Education within MnSCU
    6. Inver Hills Community College Highlights
      • Liberal Studies/Professional Studies
      • CISCO Computer Technology Networking Certification Training Program
      • Emergency Health Services Program Electronic Academy Grant: Field Internship Data Acquisition Program
    7. Metro Plan Draft Report (First Reading)

    b. Personnel Policy Committee, Nancy Brataas, Chair

    1. *Presidential Appointment Policy (Second Reading)
    2. *Re-employment of Early Retirees (First Reading)
    3. Chancellor's Salary

    c. Audit Committee, Andrew Boss, Chair

    1. Review Office of Legislative Auditor Financial Audits of Riverland Community College, Ridgewater College, South Central College, and Anoka Hennepin Technical College
    2. Year 2000 Update
    3. Procedures for Reporting Instances of Possible Non-Compliance or Legal Violations
    4. Internal Auditing Services for MnSCU Presidents

    d. Finance/Facilities Committee, Robert Erickson, Chair

    1. *Hibbing College Schematic Design (Second Reading)
    2. *Property Acquisition and Land Transfer (Second Reading)
    3. Inver Hills Community College Instructional Building Schematic Design (First Reading)
    4. Ridgewater College - Project Status
    5. Space Utilization Survey Plan

    6. *Fiscal Year 1999 Committee Work Plan (Second Reading)
    7. *Acceptance of Gift to Northwest Technical College
    8. Proposed Board Policy 5.8, Refunds Withdrawals and Waivers (First Reading)
    9. Debt Management Guidelines 1999-2008
    10. State Board of Investment Performance Review Concerning Revenue Bond Fund
    11. Acquisition, Disposal, and Leasing of Personal Property

    e. Joint Finance/Facilities Policy & Educational Policy Committees, Robert Erickson and Christine Fritsche, Co-chairs

    1. *FY2000 and Beyond Allocation Model (Second Reading)
    2. FY2000-2001Biennial Operating Budget Request (First Reading)
    3. Akita Planning
  8. **Requests by Individuals to Address the Board
    Procedures to address the board are defined below.
  9. Other Business
  10. Adjournment

*Denotes Action Item

**Requests to address the Board must be submitted in writing to staff. Request forms are available at the board meeting (additional materials are placed on a table located near the entrance of the meeting room). If you wish to address an agenda item, clearly identify the item on your request form. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member for assistance.

***All hand-outs to the Board must be submitted in advance of the meeting.


~ Special Accommodations ~


Special accommodations for a disability (e.g. wheelchair accessibility, interpreter, audiotape, or large print material), are available upon advance requests. Please contact Inge Chapin at (612) 282-5518, or fax your request to (612) 297-3312.