University Center Rochester
Coffman Center - Room 206-208
851 30th Avenue SE
Rochester, MN

  1. Call to Order
  2. Chair's Report: Michael Vekich
    *a. Approval of June 17, 1998, Meeting Minutes
    *b. Approval of Joint Fiscal Policy and Audit Committee Meeting Minutes of April 28, 1998
    c. Report of Executive Committee Meeting of July 1
    d. Election of Officers at Annual Meeting on September 16, 1998
  3. Trustee Reports
  4. Chancellor's Report: Morris J. Anderson
    *a. Appointment of President of Minneapolis Community and Technical College
    *b. Appointment of President of Minnesota West Community and Technical College
  5. *Chancellor's Consent Agenda
  6. Joint Council of Student Associations
  7. MCCFA, IFO, and UTCE: Joint Opportunity to Address the Board
  8. Board Standing Committee Reports

    Audit Committee, Nancy Brataas, Chair
    1. Proposed Outline and Timetable for Consolidated Audit of MnSCU
    2. Internal Auditing Report on Year 2000 Computing Problem
    3. Review Office of Legislative Auditor Financial Audits of Fond Du Lac Community and Tribal College and St. Cloud Technical College
    4. Follow-up Activity Report-2nd Quarter

    b. Personnel Policy Committee, David Erickson, Chair

    1. *Appointment of President of Minneapolis Community and Technical College
    2. *Appointment of President of Minnesota West Community and Technical College
    3. Review of Personnel Policies

    c. Board Operations Committee, Dennis Dotson, Chair

    1. *Proposed Amendment to Policy 1A.5, Naming Consolidated Two Year Colleges
    2. Proposed Amendment to Policy 1A.1, Parts 5 & 6, Board Organization and Committee Structure (First Reading)

    d. Fiscal Policy Committee, Archie D. Chelseth, Chair

    1. *Proposed Amendment to MnSCU Policy 8.1, Gifts and Grants (Second Reading)
    2. *Acceptance of Gift of Land to Northwest Technical College
    3. *Fiscal Policy Committee Delegation Principles

    e. Joint Fiscal Policy & Educational Policy Committees, Archie D. Chelseth and Christine Fritsche, Co-chairs

    1. FY2000 and Beyond Allocation Model Development
    2. FY2000-2001 Biennial Budget Guidelines

    f. Educational Policy Committee, Christine Fritsche, Chair

    1. *Program Approval: Advanced Technical Certificate, Advanced Farm Business Management. Program offered at the following colleges: Alexandria Technical College, Central Lakes College, Minnesota West, Northland Community and Technical College, Ridgewater College, Riverland Community College, St. Cloud Technical College, and South Central College
    2. *Program Approval: AAS, Wireless Communications and Networking Specialist; Diploma, Wireless Communications Technician, Alexandria Technical College
    3. *Program Approval: Advanced Technical Certificate, Automotive Diagnostics, Northwest Technical College, Detroit Lakes
    4. *Program Approval: Advanced Technical Certificate, Advanced Respiratory Care Practitioner, Northwest Technical College, East Grand Forks
    5. *Program Approval: Diploma, Paramedic, Hibbing Community College
    6. *Program Approval: BS, Food Science Technology, Mankato State University
    7. *Program Approval: MS, Technical Communication, Metropolitan State University
    8. *Program Approval: BA, Screenwriting, Metropolitan State University
    9. *Program Approval: BS, Justice Administration, Southwest State University
    10. *Program Approval: BA, Rural Public Administration, Southwest State University
    11. *Academic Program Closures:
      • Laurentian Community and Technical College District
        - AAS, Natural Resource Technology, Coquet Campus
        - AAS, Optical Management, Eveleth
        - Diploma, Optical Technology, Eveleth
        - Diploma, Occupational Skills, Eveleth
      • Minneapolis Community and Technical College
        - Certificate, Commercial Aviation Specialist
        - Diploma, Small Business Management
        - Diploma, Graphic Arts/Printing
      • St. Paul Technical College
        - Certificate, Emergency Medical Services
        - Diploma, Apparel Arts
        - Diploma, Natural Gas Utilization and Distribution
        - Diploma, Recreational Vehicle Service Technician
        - Diploma, Small Business Management
    12. Academic Program Suspensions
      • Laurentian Community and Technical College District
        - AAS, Call Center Sales Specialist, Eveleth
        - AAS, Information Processing, Ely
        - AAS, Office Technology, Virginia
        - Certificate, Child Care and Education I, Eveleth
        - Diploma, Office Technology, Virginia
        - Diploma, Small Business Management, Eveleth
      • Minneapolis Community and Technical College
        - Advanced Technical Certificate, Child Care Administration
      • Moorhead State University
        - MS, Computer and Information Sciences
        - MS, Elementary Teacher Education
        - MS, Art
        - MS, Art Teacher Education
      • South Central College, Faribault
        - AAS, Electronic Business Machine Service
        - AAS, Manufacturing Technical Specialist
        - Diploma, Electronic Business Machine Service
        - Diploma, Manufacturing Technical Specialist
    13. Academic Program Reinstatements
      • Anoka-Hennepin Technical College and Anoka-Ramsey Community College
        - AAS, Aviation, Anoka and Coon Rapids
      • Riverland Community College
        - Diploma, Laboratory Technician and Management--Food Science,
      • Albert Lea
        South Central College
        - AAS, Medical Laboratory Technician, Faribault
    14. Committee Work Plan
  9. **Requests by Individuals to Address the Board
    Procedures to address the board are defined below.

  10. Other Business
    Closed session to discuss status of contract negotiations with IFO, MCCFA, and UTCE pursuant to Minnesota Statute §471.705, subd. 1a (1996) (Minnesota Open Meeting Law) July 22, 1998, at end of public meeting.

  11. Adjournment

*Denotes Action Item

**Requests to address the Board must be submitted in writing to staff. Request forms are available at the board meeting (additional materials are placed on a table located near the entrance of the meeting room). If you wish to address an agenda item, clearly identify the item on your request form. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member for assistance.